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Frankie Freak Out!


Hey everyone! Welcome to Frankie Freak Out which is the site totally dedicated to the great, mighty FRANKIE MUNIZ!!! I have FINALLY updated! YAY! *does happy dance* All the pictures are finally up and there is lots more to come! Enjoy! Ok, before you go, PLEASE E-mail me some ideas in what you would like to see on this site k? Thanx so much!

NEW NEWS: Big Fat Liar was AWESOME! Check out the reviews for it on the new Frankie Movie Review page!

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Welcome to Frankie Freak out!!!

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Amo, J'aime and Ich liebe Frankie Muniz!!!

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Here is Frankie at Mardi Gra!!

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Here are some pics from Frankie's new movie coming out called Deuces Wild!

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