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My Inspirational Poetry

This are my favorites of my inspirational poetry. Hope you enjoy them. I'll add more as they come to me.

We Are His Body

Christ has no body now but ours
It is our responsibility to be
Each part of Him to spread His Word
His Hands, His Eyes, His Mouth, His Feet.

Since He has left us soon to return
It is our responsibility to share
Every gift that He has given to us
In our world everywhere.

Ours must be the eyes of compassion
Ours are the hands from which He blesses
The world in His Precious Name
Through each of our successes.

If we give our whole heart
To do what is in His
Then we will truly see
That in us and with us He lives!

Within us is His Holy Spirit
Through which He is always
Present deep in our hearts
In all His wonderful ways.

- by Kim Trimble

Blessed Passion

Blessed were the nails
That pierced His precious feet
And paid for our numerous sins
From the spotless Lamb of whom we eat.

Blessed were the crown of thorns
That pierced His dearest head
He who had known no sin
Became the Divine Sacrifice in our stead.

Blessed were the nails
That pierced His loving palms
The miracles that they performed
Were the Most Holy offered alms.

Blessed was the spear
That pierced His Holy side
From which poured water and blood
For our own sake He died.

Blessed are the indiscribable pains
That He endured for our sins
To give us all a brand new life
His was taken from Him.

He suffered, died, and was buried
In the empty, borrowed tomb
For this purpose He was born
And carried in His Mother's womb.

-by Kim Trimble

From Lent To Easter

As we make our joyful way
Through the valleys of Lent
May we learn better how to live
And how our time is best spent.

Love and compassion should be
What we are doing and sharing
Out of love for our God
And for others we are caring.

When Resurrection Day comes
And Jesus is rasied from the cave
We will much better realize
The Divine Sacrifice He gave.

Let us look upon the Cross
And learn directly from Him
Who suffered all for love
And took on our every sin.

It is because of His Sacrifice
That we are in His embrace
He will never leave us alone
Especially if we seek His Face.

We see Him with His Crown Of Thorns
We see Him in His Resurrected Glory
How can we not follow Him
Jesus, Yeshua, Our King of Glory?

-by Kim Trimble

Our Beloved

Our Beloved is the same
Yesterday, today, and forever
With us He will always be
Deep in our hearts now more than ever

To be with Him
We do not need to seek
Him out to attain His Love
As He is always there to keep

He is the One Sacrificial Victim
Of the Father's Love Divine
He will bless and touch us
If we only give Him our time

Spending this precious time
With Him alone
Will well remind us
That with Him we are Home

Our hearts are often crying
For someone with whom to share
No one but Him can truly know
And give us His Loving Care

It is only with Our Beloved Jesus
That we find true peace
We should always run to Him
When we are seeking true increase

- Kim Trimble
June 13, 2002

Poem In Thanksgiving

To thank you
In my own way
For the prayers and loving thoughts
Throughout your day

You have blessed
Not only me in abundance
But so many others
With your love in Jesus

We have many to pray for
So very much to offer
To the world in Our Lord
That aids those who suffer

Just a single prayer
One loving thought
Can touch another's heart
Even if it is not sought

With heartfelt thanks
Prayers of thanksgiving
Are offered for you
The true example of love you are living

-Kim Trimble

The One

Why do we love Him?
Why do we give Him priase?
To thank Him for all He's given
To us in His Most Precious Ways.

He gave us His Body
He gave us His Blood
But most of all
He gave us His Love.

He underwent such suffering
And pain upon the Cross
No one should ever question
All to Him that was lost.

What He lost
Has been our gain
Because of every one of us
He went through the shame.

All was for us
His dear daughters and sons
He is our Messiah, Our Savior
He is the Only One.

He is the One that we love
The One that we cherish
It is only because Of Him
That we will live and not perish.

- Kim Trimble
July 6, 2002

Tears Of Love

Tears of love
I cry because I feel
The unending love He has for us
That will help the church heal

If we begin at the Cross
Where He shed for us His Blood
And freely paid the cost
How can we not feel His Love?

How can we mundanely go
Through life day by day
And not be more thankful always
Of His Gift to all He gave?

The gift of His Most Precious Body
That we receive in all humility
We must truly believe
It is the key of sincerity

It is in our time alone with Him
And in our service to others
That we can truly live
As His Sisters and Brothers.

Only the precious time
With Our Beloved alone
Will give us strength beyond
What new challenge has grown

We should have no doubt
That the church will victoriously overcome
Through this time of trial
As His Love will never be undone

Tears of love
Are pure and true
When I feel deep in my heart
The one love that we will never lose.

-Kim Trimble
June 10, 2002

The Spirit Is Moving

The Holy Spirit is moving
In a very special way
Others are feeling it, too.
HE brings love and light to our days.

HE brings so much holy love
In my heart when I am
In church with our dear family
In the presence of our Most Precious Lamb.

We pray for HIS blessings
From Heaven above
To strengthen and renew the church
With HIS unending love.

Some may not realize
What blessings HE bestows
On all of us as you minister
Through you and in us HE moves and grows.

May we never take for granted
And always truly appreciate
What blessings HE has given
To us for our own sake.

When we follow HIS urgings
In our daily walk with God
HE makes all the difference
As we aspire to be more like Our Lord.

-by Kim Trimble
June 6, 2002

copyright, 2002-2003, Kim Trimble

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