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Welcome to My World!

  • Everything you need to know about tubas!
  • Bill's Dream Tuba!
  • Tuba Manufacturers Links Page
  • Ask Bill: Questions People Ask Me About Tubas and Tuba Playing
  • Merry TubaChristmas! 
  • The Black WAC Band
  • Ethnically Derrogatory Advertising from My Lifetime
  • Old Time Radio Programs (Now with 26 pages of programs!)
  • Things which no longer exist anymore...
  • Things we used to have here but exist somewhere else...
  • What's special about living in the Riverside-San Bernardino area...
  • You don't see these anymore...
  • Some things return (if only for a short while)
  • What was on the radio (AM) in 1969...
  • Remember when...
  • September 11, 2001, in New York, NY
  • Sheriff John's Birthday Song  (uses REALPLAYER)
  • About Billy Jack Long (the LoyalTubist)
  • Bill's Dream Transportation
  • 25 of Bill's Favorite Books
  • The Amazing Cola Cake Recipe  (requires Flash)
  • The Defunct Cereal Page
  • Feedback Page
  • Links  (TONS OF 'EM!!)
  • Last updated November 13, 2005

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