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"Occupy the U.S.A."
Song & Lyrics Courtesy of:
Emma's Revolution
The Occupy Wall Street Declaration
Hear the Audio Version
Some Classic Songs of Worker
Organizing & Solidarity

One of the World's Most Powerful Tools for
Defending Human Rights
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- United Nations UDHR Site
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UDHR -- Film Clip Collection

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Alaska Arizona Arkansas

Colorado Connecticut Delaware

District of Columbia
Florida Georgia Hawaii

Illinois Indiana Iowa

Kentucky Louisiana Maine

Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota

Missouri Montana Nebraska

New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico

New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio

Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico

Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee

Utah Vermont Virginia

West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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Occupy Patriots for
9/11 Truth
An American National Honor
Roll for 9/11 Truth
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Will Americans Allow
*These* to Become the
Dominant Patterns for
Our Nation's Future ??
Neo-Fascist Corporatocracy
Post-Industrial Wasteland
The American Dream
We Must Never Allow It
To Be Transformed into a
A Community Action Film and
Media Festival
David Icke:
Essential Knowledge for a
Wall Street Protester
Part 1        Part 2

Naomi Wolf:
The End of America -- Descent into Fascism


Naomi Wolf:
Citizen Empowerment 101

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