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Before Proceeding, Take a Moment to Remember How America's
Founding Fathers Intended the Nation to be Governed:
>>>     Of the People, By the     <<<
People, and For the People
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What Will Result from Supreme Court's Decision Granting
Unlimited First Amendment Rights to Corporations ??
>>>     Government Of the Corporations, By the     <<<
Corporations, and For the Corporations
Selected News Commentary and Editorial Opinion Film Clips


Supreme Court Death Blow to Democracy

Supreme Court Removes Corporate Campaign Spending Limits -- January 22, 2010  Democracy NOW!

Corporate Personhood -- The Floodgates Were Opened Today

Corporations to Control White House?

Supreme Court's Campaign Finance Ruling

Thom Hartmann & Ben Manski:  Fighting back against Citizens United


Noam Chomsky:  Big Business Dictates the Presidency

Supreme Court Gives U.S. Government to Corporations

Dangerous Supreme Court Ruling

Supreme Court Makes Buying Politicians Legal

Corporatocracy Trumps Democracy

Keith Olbermann Special Comment On Supreme Court Ruling

Citizens Untied:  The Robert's Court Gift that Keeps Giving

Ralph Nader & Thom Hartmann on Corporate Personhood

Rep. Grayson on Supreme Court Decision:  More Damage to Our Democracy Than Osama bin Laden

Senator Schumer & Representative Van Hollen
on Campaign Finance -- Part 1


Senator Schumer & Representative Van Hollen
on Campaign Finance -- Part 2

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Some Recent Text Commentaries and Editorials Reviewing the Wisdom of
Granting Corporations Unlimited First Amendment Rights


Big Biz Needed No Help
in Election Game

(Great article !!)


How Corporate Personhood Threatens Democracy

ReThink Review:  The Corporation -- Power to the Corporate Killbots!

Corporate Personhood -- Demeaning Our Bill of Rights

Big Medicine -- Prescriptions for Revoking Corporate Personhood

Sotomayor:  Overturn Corporate Personhood

Citizen Works -- Main Corporate Reform Page

How We Can Revoke Corporate Personhood

Taking Steps to Eliminate Corporate Personhood

Corporate Personhood and Corporate Constitutional Rights

Corporate Personhood Should Be Banned, Once and For All

National Lawyers Guild Says Corporations Are Not Persons
Left and Right United in Opposition to
Controversial SCOTUS Decision
U.S. Conference of Mayors Takes Stand
Against Corporate Personhood
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NOTE THE FOLLOWING VERY IMPORTANT ANALYSIS -- Not Addressed by Most Other Commentators on the Subject of Corporate Power:
In his book, "Cornered," Barry Lynn details how small businesses of all types throughout America are being merged into conglomerate monopolies, with the result that extraordinary amounts of wealth and power are rapidly coming under the control of fewer and fewer domestic and foreign owners -- 52 Minutes.
"Cornered," by Barry Lynn
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The Corporation:
An Eye-Opening Documentary Regarding the Real-World
Activities and Practices of Corporations

Full Length Feature:  2 Hours 26 Minutes
The Corporation -- Provided Below in 23 Segments

The Corporation
Part  01/23


The Corporation
Part  02/23


The Corporation
Part  03/23


The Corporation
Part  04/23


The Corporation
Part  05/23


The Corporation
Part  06/23


The Corporation
Part  07/23


The Corporation
Part  08/23


The Corporation
Part  09/23


The Corporation
Part  10/23


The Corporation
Part  11/23


The Corporation
Part  12/23


The Corporation
Part  13/23


The Corporation
Part  14/23


The Corporation
Part  15/23


The Corporation
Part  16/23


The Corporation
Part  17/23


The Corporation
Part  18/23


The Corporation
Part  19/23


The Corporation
Part  20/23


The Corporation
Part  21/23


The Corporation
Part  22/23


The Corporation
Part  23/23

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Some Perspectives from Recent
YouTube and Google Searches


Corporatocracy:  John Perkins Official Web Site
(Note: After playing the short introductory film clip,
numerous follow-up options will be presented
at the bottom of the screen.)


The Secret History of the American Empire:
Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the
Truth about Global Corruption


The New Rulers of the World -- John Pilger

The Prophets of War
A Defense Industry Conglomerate That
Never Forgets Who It Is Working For


US Outsourcing Jobs

The American Outsourcing
Epidemic -- Part 1


The American Outsourcing
Epidemic -- Part 2


Exporting American Jobs

Ralph Nader, The Road to
Corporate Fascism


Corporatocracy of the Nation

USA Outsourcing Green
Jobs to China


The End of the American Dream
Corporate Fascism



Zoned for Slavery:  The Child
Behind the Label - Part I


Zoned for Slavery:  The Child
Behind the Label - Part II


Zoned for Slavery:  The Child
Behind the Label - Part III


The Hidden Face of
Globalization - Part I


Hidden Face of
Globalization - Part II


Hidden Face of
Globalization - Part III


Hidden Face of Globalization


Globalization:  The Haves
and Have Nots


Introduction to Naomi
Klein's "No Logo"


The End Of Globalisation

George Carlin -- The
American Dream


The Conservative Caucus:  U.S. Trade Policy and
Job-Destroying Treaties, WTO & NAFTA


The Conservative Caucus:  Restore American
Manufacturing & Jobs to Rebuild the Economy!


The Corporatocracy Systematically Destroying the American Middle Class

Corporatocracy, Corporatism, Fascism


Monopoly Corporatocracy Replaces Democracy

The Corporatocracy:  A New Economic System for the
Connected Banking Sector and Political Elites --
Providing the New Serfdom Massive Debt Servitude


The Republic Was Lost in the 19th Century --
The Corporatocracy Was Established Prior to WWII, and
This Final Phase Was Started in the 70s

The Corporatocracy and America's Future:
Does Detroit's Metropolitan Area
Serve as the Example ??
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The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Full Length Feature:  1:45:26
The Power of Corporate Media -- Provided Below in 11 Parts

The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  01/11


The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  02/11


The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  03/11


The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  04/11


The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  05/11


The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  06/11


The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  07/11


The Power of Corporate Media -- Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  08/11


The Power of Corporate Media --
Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  09/11


The Power of Corporate Media --
Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  10/11


The Power of Corporate Media --
Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Part  11/11

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Wall Street's Looting of America,
as Chronicled by
Investigative Journalists and Authors
Findings of The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
Audio Discussion:  "Is Wall Street Clean ??"
Full Report of The U.S. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
Available On-Line in PDF Format, or in Printed Copy
>>>   NEW !!   <<<
Countrywide Financial Corporation's
Great Mortgage Cover-Up:
A Two-Part Series,

by Michael Hudson
Fraud and Folly:  The Untold Story of
General Electricís Subprime Debacle,

by Michael Hudson
Feds Investigating Possible Fraud at
GEís Former Subprime Unit,

by Michael Hudson
The Great American Stickup,
by Robert Scheer
Democracy Now! Interview:
Part 1        Part 2
The Great American Stickup,
on C-SPAN Book TV
Capital Offense:  How Washington's
Wise Men Turned America's Future
Over To Wall Street,

by Michael Hirsh, on C-SPAN
Washington Journal
It Takes a Pillage:  Behind the Bailouts,
Bonuses, and Backroom Deals,
by Naomi Prins
GRITtv Interview:
Part 1        Part 2
It Takes a Pillage,
on C-SPAN Book TV
The New American Oligarchy,
by Andy Kroll
House of Cards:  A Tale of Hubris and
Wretched Excess on Wall Street,

by William Cohan
House of Cards,
on C-SPAN Book TV
The Monster:  How A Gang of
Predatory Lenders and Wall Street
Bankers Fleeced America -- And
Spawned a Global Crisis,

by Michael Hudson
13 Bankers:  The Wall Street Takeover
and the Next Financial Meltdown,
by Simon Johnson and James Kwak
Bill Moyers PBS Interview:
Part 1        Part 2
13 Bankers,
on C-SPAN Book TV
Obamanomics:  How Barack Obama Is
Bankrupting You and Enriching His
Wall Street Friends, Corporate
Lobbyists, and Union Bosses,

by Timothy Carney
on C-SPAN Book TV
After the Fall:
Saving Capitalism from
Wall Street -- and Washington,

by Nicole Gelinas
After the Fall,
on C-SPAN Book TV

Bought and Paid For:
The Unholy Alliance Between
Barack Obama and Wall Street,

by Charlie Gasparino
Bought and Paid For,
on CSPAN Washington Journal
The Predator State:  How Conservatives
Abandoned the Free Market and
Why Liberals Should Too,
by James K. Galbraith
Video Presentation, Courtesy of
The New America Foundation
Mother Jones Book Review
The Predator State,
on C-SPAN Book TV
And Then the Roof Caved In:
How Wall Street's Greed and Stupidity
Brought Capitalism to Its Knees,
by David Faber
CNBC Interview
House of Cards
CNBC Documentary Film
And Then the Roof Caved In,
on C-SPAN Book TV
Bailout Nation:
How Greed and Easy Money
Corrupted Wall Street and
Shook the World Economy,
by Barry Ritholtz
Morning Joe Interview on MSNBC
The Young Turks Interview
Bailout Nation,
on C-SPAN Book TV
The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street,
by John Talbott
KUCI Weekly Signals Interview,
Courtesy of PodFeed.net
KBOO Portland Community
Radio Interview
The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street,
on C-SPAN Book TV
Lords of Finance:  The Bankers
Who Broke the World,

by Liaquat Ahamed
Lords of Finance,
on C-SPAN Book TV
Agenda for a New Economy,
by David Korten
Agenda for a New Economy,
on C-SPAN Book TV
Chain of Blame:  How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage & Credit Crisis,
by Paul Muolo and Mathew Padilla
PBS NewsHour Interview
Google Authors Interview
Chain of Blame,
Washington Journal
The Big Con:  The True Story of
How Washington Got Hoodwinked and
Hijacked by Crackpot Economics,

by Jonathan Chait,
on C-SPAN Book TV
All the Devils are Here:
The Hidden History of the
Financial Crisis,

by Bethany McLean,
Enough:  Why the World's Poorest
Starve in an Age of Plenty,

by Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman
on C-SPAN Book TV
Inside Job,
Podcast by This American Life,
National Public Radio

What We Were, and What
We're Becoming,

by Dr. Michael Hudson


The Best Way to Rob a Bank
Is to Own One
Presentation by Dr. William K. Black,
Interviewed by Bill Moyers
on PBS


Shorting the Middle Class:
The Real Wall Street Crime,

by Arianna Huffington


Inside Job -- Exploring Origins of the
2008 Financial Meltdown
Katie Couric Interviews
Producer Charles Ferguson


Jesse Ventura
Investigates Wall Street !!


The Warning
The Story of Brooksley Born,
Presented by PBS's FRONTLINE


The Plutonomy
Citigroup's Plan to
Take Over the World


Bill Moyers
On Plutonomy


Peter Joseph
Talks Plutonomy


Alan Grayson:  Systemic Risk Claims
Used as Rationale for Massive
Tansfer of Wealth from
Taxpayers to Banks


Alan Grayson:  "Which Foreigners Got
the Fed's $500,000,000,000?"
Bernanke:  "I Don't Know."


Alan Grayson on the Fed Bailing
Out Big Banks:  "You Don't Give
Scholarships to Kids Who Fail"


$9 TRILLION Missing from
Federal Reserve -- Fed Inspector
General Can't Explain


Federal Reserve Doled


Meltdown:  Secret History of the
Global Financial Collapse

Retirement Heist:  How Companies
Plunder and Profit from the Nest
Eggs of American Workers,

by Ellen Schultz
Retirement Heist,
on C-SPAN Book TV
Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized
Ambition, Greed, and Corruption
Led to Economic Armageddon
Diane Rehm Show Interview
Democracy Now Interview
Reckless Endangerment,
Washington Journal
The Big Short:  Inside
the Doomsday Machine,

by Michael Lewis,
Understanding the Banking Crisis
Six Lectures by Ed McCartin
Too Big to Fail -- 1/6
Regulatory Failure -- 2/6
Fed Interventions -- 3/6
The Euro Crisis -- 4/6
The Glass Steagall Act and Conclusions -- 5/6
Conclusions Recap -- 5.5/6
Questions and Answers -- 6/6
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Wall Street Whistleblower
Do the Mass Media Frequently Shield Financial
Wrong-Doing from Public Exposure ??
Provided Below in 9 Parts

Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 1/9


Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 2/9


Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 3/9


Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 4/9


Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 5/9


Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 6/9


Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 7/9


Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 8/9


Wall Street Whistleblower
Part 9/9

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The Capitalist Conspiracy
The Capitalist Conspiracy -- Full Length Feature:  47.07 Minutes
The Capitalist Conspiracy -- Provided Below in 5 Parts

The Capitalist Conspiracy
Part 1/5


The Capitalist Conspiracy
Part 2/5


The Capitalist Conspiracy
Part 3/5


The Capitalist Conspiracy
Part 4/5


The Capitalist Conspiracy
Part 5/5

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The Corporacratic States of America Have Been Brought to You,
as well as Your Children, Grandchildren, and
All Future Generations by:

The Corporacratic Supreme Court of America


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Is the U.S.A. Currently Being Transformed
Into a Corporacratic Autocracy ??

"The End of America."  by Naomi Wolf
Full Length Film:  47 Minutes, 47 Seconds
More Information on "The End of America" and
Related Topics,  Provided Below

Naomi Wolf Interview
"The End of America"


From "The End of America"
Ten Steps To Close Down
an Open Society


Some Perspectives on:
Corporate Fascism by Media


An Announcement by the
"Minister of Truth" on:
Fascism For Dummies

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Below is a link to a fascinating short film that depicts what Berlin looked
like in 1936, after Fascism had become fully established in Germany.
Take note of how placid and normal everything seems -- except for
a few banners, its just "business-as-usual," right ??

Berlin Reichshauptstadt, 1936

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