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Officers for Summer 2003

Officers and Members
Worthy Advisor Katherine E.
Worthy Associate Advisor Amy G.
Charity Elyse S.
Hope Alissa T.
Faith Courtney C.
Recorder Jamie L.
Treasurer Jessica I.
Chaplain Hilary J.
Drill Leader Andrea P.
Love Caitlin S.
ImmortalityGracia G.
Fidelity Brittany R.
Patriotism Anjelica J.
Service Andrea M.
Confidential ObserverMonica G.
Outer Observer Patty Sue G.
Choir Director Jessica L.
Choir Member Kristie B.
Choir Member Marcy C.
Choir Member Dianna G.
Choir Member Rebecca T.
Choir Member Janelle T.
Choir Member Emily W.
Choir Member Ashley W.
Choir Member Sara
Choir Member Jasmine B.
Mother Advisor Naomi Reynoso
Rainbow Dad Dave Thal
Associate Mother Advisor Nancy Ehat
Board Chairman Steve Hill
Board Secretary Carol Baker
Board Member Dianne Hill
Board Member Heather Brady
Board Member Judy Greene
Board Member Margaret Grech
Grand Deputy Helen Greenstrand
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