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About Redwood City #16

RWC Assembly meets every 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:00 PM. Originally, the assembly met at the Redwood City temple. However, the temple was severely damaged in the 1989 earthquake and RWC assembly was forced to move. Three Great Lights Lodge adopted us, and from then on we met at the Royal Hodge Masonic Center in Menlo Park, California. Then, on July 19, 2003, the assembly moved once more, this time to the newly renovated hall in San Carlos. RWC's sister assembly is San Francisco Assembly #1, which celebrated its 75th Anniversary recently. RWC gained a degree of fame due to its membership explosion-our membership grew 162% in 1999. Because we initiated the most members of all California assemblies, we got to whip cream our Supreme Inspector at Grand Assembly 2000. We have been honored with three Grand Officers in the past five years, and the assembly continues to grow.

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