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Mayflower Academy

Mayflower Academy

Mayflower Academy's Scope and Sequence for Grades K-8

Preschool At Home? Yes!

The Old Fashioned Kindergarten

Bay Area Field Trip Ideas

Simply Charlotte Mason

Intentional Parents

Ambleside On Line

Karen Andreola and Charlotte Mason

A Charlotte Mason Education

The Home Education Law in California

Make An Informed Decision On the Hepatitis B

Teen Safety on the Internet

Gentle Hearth ~ Gentle Living

~Be sure your children have each day~

Something or Someone to love

Something to do

Something to think about

Mayflower Academy is located in the Sacramento Valley, California. We are an Private School Satellite Program (PSP) We believe that a child is best educated when:

  • There is a loving relationship between Student and Teacher.
  • There is a supportive, non-stressful environment.
  • Curriculum is devised for the student to learn at his rate
  • with special attention paid to physical and emotional readiness as well as educational.
Meetings are not required
HSLDA Membership is Required, group discount available
Tuition Prices Per Year

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