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Mayflower Academy Tuition

We accept payments
$40.00 one time registration fee
$175.00 grades k-8
$225.00 grades 9-12
These amounts are per family

The purchase of high school transcripts
and diplomas are also available.

The parent as teacher helps the child/children identify their unique gifts, talents, interests and purpose in the Kingdom of God.

1. Parents must be honest. Is their own education (including the ways of the Lord) lacking? Parents must first enter into a season of homeschooling themselves. They must be open to the Lord speaking to them.

2. Commit to a steady increase of your family's quality of life style. Provide your family with worth while activities.

3. Turn away from your pagan idols (academics). Put you and your children's eyes on God.

4. We must not rely on our own understanding of what education is. We must seek God so He can show us with His understanding what education for our children and ourselves should be.

More important than any academic skill is discipling our child to know the Lord. After this God given command to teach about Him, we should instill in our children the good habits of listening and following instructions. Young children need to feel like they are a part of the home and learn to joyfully work around the home. Proficiency is not the goal, for that may not come until the maturity of little hands, but instilling the life long habit of work is the goal.

We do not need artificially contrived situations and environments to accomplish God's best for our children; we simply need committed parents.