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The Home Education Law in California

The Home Education Law in California
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Basics of the Education Code For California Home School Families

There are at times a misunderstanding of what is required by law as it pertains to the home school family.

First it must be understood that Public Schools, Charter Programs, Private Schools, and Independent Study Programs – ISP’s (also considered a private school) must follow the rules of their own governing bodies.

The State Education office governs the local school district's public school.

The Private Schools board governs Private Schools.

Independent Study Programs if under an existing Private School is also under their board.

Family maintained ISP’s set up there own requirements and the Charter schools must adhere to the conditions of their government approved proposal for receiving government funds.

Children must begin school if 6 yrs. old by December 2nd.

The Basic Requirements for a ISP’S

The Education Code does require three documents to be kept in the CUM file of each child.

• Course of Study for each school year
• Faculty information for person teaching student (parent)
• Attendance for each school year

• Grades for each school year

Private Schools and ISP’s are exempt from state compulsory education laws. However, they may require hours taught and days attended per year if they choose. The amount is strictly up to them.

California Health and Safety Code All Public Schools, Charter Programs, Private Schools and ISP’s must file certain forms each year with their local Child Health and Disabilities Prevention Program (CHDP).

These forms are • Kindergarten Immunization Assessment Report Due by Oct. 15th • First Grade Report of Health Examinations Due Jan 15th

No student's names are written on these reports. Parents may exempt their child from immunizations and health examinations.

In the CUM file for each child a blue immunization card must be on file. Again, the parent may exempt their child from having the immunizations given by simply signing the back of the card.

The local CHDP office randomly audits public and private school files each year to make sure they are in compliance.

These are the only officials who would ever have access to a student's CUM file. Truant Officers, Social Services, or any other agency do not have legal access to these files. You do not have to show them.

Courses to be Taught

All courses must be taught in English.

The following are required to be taught in grades 1st - 6th • English • Mathematics • Science • Social Science • Fine Arts • Health • Physical Education (200 min for each 10 school days)

The law does not state when each of these must be taught for Private Schools and ISP's or the content of the course. The Public Schools and Charters for example teach California History in the 4th grade because they have a large volume of students to systematically move from grade to. grade.

In 7th – 12th grade the following should be taught • English • Mathematics • Science • Social Science • Foreign Language • Fine Arts • Health • Physical Education (emphasis as to conducive to health) • Electives (Auto mechanics, Home Economics, Computers, etc.)

High School Graduation requirements may be set by the Public Schools, Charters, Private Schools, and ISP’s according to the rules of their own governing bodies. At minimum use the Public Schools requirement. College bound students will need a higher requirement.

Private Schools and ISP’s can decide their own content for the courses to be taught as well as the measurement of proficiency. Because Public Schools and Charters receive government funds they must adhere to government control of content.

Optional Requirements These are optional although some Private Schools ISP’s and Family ISP’s do require them. • Testing • Goals • Daily Log • Teachers Lesson Plans • Character Assessments • Weekly or Monthly meetings Home Schooling Choices There are several options for homeschooling in California. • Enroll in Public School or Charter Program • Enroll in Private Schools Independent Study Program • Enroll in Family maintained Independent Study Program • File own R-4 Private School Affidavit Federal and State taxes pay for Public School or Charter. They also give you all the supplies for what they require.

Private School ISP’s charge a fee. Family Maintained ISP’s charge a fee or ask for donations. Filing you own R-4 is free. The last three options, you choose and purchase your own curriculum and supplies. You can search the section codes your self. Look under Education Ca Legal Info Disclaimer This information in not to be meant as legal advice, but as information. Membership to Home School Legal Defense is strongly encouraged.