River Edge Transect #2, 2/18/98

Going west from transect #2 on river edge trail plants were surveyed every 5 meters from trail to water. The distance from the trail to the water varied from 5 to 10 meters. A detour of 10 meters further up the bank was necessary at  350  meters due to flooding.

Key to Common Names

Key to Scientific Names

 205 m: LS, H, ChB, W

 230 m: ChB, F, W,Bull

 255 m: W, F, ChB, LB, Bull

 280 m: F, MF, PG, Bull

 305 m: W, PW, Bull 

330 m: MF, Bull

 355 m: LS, Toy, W

 380 m: MF, LB PG, W

 210 m: WR, LS, W

 235 m: F, weeds, W, Bull

 260 m: LB, W, Bull

285 m: F, Bull 

 310 m: W, Chr 

 335 m: WR, ChB, LB, MF, W, Bull

 360 m: PG, W

 385 m: MF, M, W

 215 m: W, WR 

 240 m: MF, PE, Bull 

 265 m: ChB, LB, W, WC, Bull

 290 m: LS, Toy, Bull 

 315 m: M, PE 

 340 m: M, W, Bull

 365 m: Cob, PW

 390 m: MF, Coy, W

 220 m: W, F 

 245 m: Toy, F, W, Bull

 270 m: ChB, LB, W, Bull

 295 m: LS, MF, Bull

 320 m: PE, PW, F, W

 345 m: Coy, ChB, Bull

 370 m: CB, ChB, W

 395 m: Coy, M, ChB

 225 m: ChB, W

 250 m: Coy, F, Bull 

 275 m: ChB, CSB, MF, Toy, Bull

 300 m: W, PW, Bull 

 325 m: Step, ChB, W

 350 m: MF, W

 375 m: ChB, W

 400 m: Cab, ChB, MF, Sun, MFI, W

SUMMARY:      111 native plants,             27 non-native plants

     16 different species of native plants,        9 different species of non-native plants