This graph shows the % of native plants related to the % of non-native plants found in each transect.

Note: Click on the TR's and RE's to see the plants.

TR#1 is on Byer Way, TR#2 is 200 meters west, TR#3 is 200 more meters west, TR4 is 200 meters further west and TR5 is on Byer Blvd.  RE#1 is a 200 meter transect going west from the Byer Way bridge.  Each other RE transect continues westward for 200 more meters.  All TR transects are 25 meter lines heading south of the river edge into the chaparral with plants recorded every 5 meters.  All RE transects are along the river edge path (except where flooding required a detour to the south) with all plants seen looking toward the river  recorded every 5 meters.