Pampas Grass

Cortaderia selloana


Pampas Grass is a fast growing plant that can go from a gallon size to 8 feet in one season. When it gets established Pampas Grass can reach up to 20 feet in height. Each plant is a fountain of saw-toothed, grassy leaves above which, in late summer, grow long stalks that have plumes from 1-3 feet, and bear colors of white, chamios, or pink. Also this plant is native to Argentina but now resides in the California region. It particularly likes to be near water.


Why Pampas Grass is Undesirable:

Pampas Grass is known for its ability to let the seeds of the plant fly in the wind and grow where ever it lands. Because of this, the plant is capable of growing everywhere and crowding out the native plants. The seeds fly to good soil then germinate, and because of there rapid growth they quickly overpower the existing plant-life, thereby deleting all of the plants that are slower growing. It unfortunately is a popular ornamental plant, but it should not be planted anywhere near wild areas because it reduces the nutrients available for native plants.