Location of the Study Site

We studied the southern side of the Otay River bottom behind Montgomery High School (The red star represents Montgomery High School).  The address of Montgomery High School is 3250 Palm Ave., San Diego. CA 92154. Our study site is located between Main St., Chula Vista on the North, Palm Ave., San Diego on the South, Beyer Way, S.D on the East and Beyer Blvd., S.D on the West. The elevation in the Otay River bottom range from 26 ft at the Beyer Way bridge to 16 feet at the Beyer Blvd. Bridge. The elevation on the south mesa top is 101 feet and the elevation on the north mesa top is 72 feet. The middle of the site is at 32 degrees 35 minutes 23 seconds latitude and 117 degrees 04 minutes 03 seconds longitude.