Lawsuits by Steve Bozell

"I am not afraid to use our court system! I will not be publicly embarrassed nor humiliated by anyone!" proclaims Steve Bozell.

Steve Bozell of Corona CA has been the most litigious of Phil's guests. Below are some of his more famous lawsuits. Email additional lawsuits for inclusion. For great litigation, call Attorneys Bill and Delores Blasingame, the attorneys to Steve Bozell! (and the richest lawyers in Riverside!)

Steve Bozell has been taken to task by G. Gordon Liddy (of Watergate fame)on his nationally syndicated radio show for being one of the most litigous characters in America.

Lawsuits etc.

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Thanks Phil for mentioning the web site and periodically featuring "Your Favorite Steve bosell bit"!! This is Phil's favorite Steve Bozell lawsuit page!!! OK, OK it is also the only one.