Steve Bozell, Corona Contractor

Steve Bozell is a general construction contractor who owns B&B Construction from Corona CA. Steve is 38 years old and has been married to his wife April for the last 18 years. He has two children, a boy (Steve Jr, 11 and a girl, Ashley, 4). His neighbor and arch nemesis in the neighborhood is Roy Hutchins. His chiref competitor in Riverside County is Cliff Pettigrew, a former foreman who now owns his own construction company. Steve fancies himself a country western fan and likes to affect that cowboy look including wearing spurs with his cowboy boots. He even wears a sheriff's badge which turns April on according to Bozell. He is originally from Knoxville, TN. He is also a recovering alcoholic.

He moved to Riverside County because he was told it had the best weather in California. Unfortunately he arrived during a terrible heat wave and now he wants to sue the county and Chamber of Commerce and tourist board for misleading him. He is further suing them for the cost of his air conditioning since he was duped by these agencies and the State of California.

In another litigious endeavor, Steve sued the City of Riverside for public embarrassment when they put a special chemical into the public pool which turned anyone blue who urinated in the pool. Steve felt that being all blue as he came out of the pool was a real embarrassment and uncalled for.

Bozell wanted to sue Universal Studios in Los Angeles after he visited their on their special Halloween Fright Night. It seems that Steve soiled himself after a devil popped out and frightened him to death. All of his kids and their friends then made fun of him for the rest of the night. Steve seems to frighten easily. While golfing with a friend recently, he was startled by a coyote and again soiled himself. His golfing partner was videotaping Steve's golf swing and also got video of him wetting his pants and running from the coyote. Steve was mortified to find out that his friend showed the video to their guests at a party. Further to Steve's dismay, his neighbor fedexed the video to America's Funniest Home Videos. As one would expect, Bozell is suing everyone except the coyote!

Steve attended a Wango Tango concert at Dodger Stadium with his 14 year old son. The concert featured 17 year old singing sensation, Brittany Spears. Steve found himself to be very turned on by Brittany and her enhanced breasts. Steve was so turned on that he is obsessed and can no longer make love to his wife. Thus, he wants to sue the Wango Tango promoters, KIIS radio and Rick Dees, DJ for "alienation of affection". All he can think about is Brittany's chest, so much so that he can't even say the words to describe that area of her body without stuttering.

Steve has real doubts about his marriage to his wife April. She has changed recently and it is clear to Steve that she must be having an affair. She is now wearing 'those capri pants' and going out with her girlfriends to a Kareoke bar. Most disturbing is the fact that April has learned many new sexual techniques (both oral and anal)which she never knew or did prior. Steve would sue someone if he knew who to sue!

Lately Steve has had a fear that April wanted to kill him. She listens to the Dixie Chicks' song about killing an abuser. So Steve now wears a metal dog collar around his neck and a chastity belt to protect himself when he sleeps. He doesn't want another Lorena Bobbitt!! Of course, his kids think Steve is crazy!

When his mother died, Bozell went out into the California desert to spread his mother's ashes over a native American burial ground. Sadly, Steve did not check the weather report. A heavy wind came up as he was spreading the ashes and the ashes all blew up his nose. He ended up crapping her ashes for a week after. His constant humiliation causes him to be so litigious!

Steve is presently suffering from a severely burnt penis and of course is suing. For the full lawsuit go to Lawsuits of Steve Bozell

Steve's latest lawsuit is against The Olive Garden of Corona. See the Lawsuit page for all the details or call William and Delores Blasingame, Attorneys at Law in Riverside for the press release.

Now he is even suing Phil Hendrie for airing a part of his show on the many lawsuits that Steve has initiated.

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