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Welcome to the home page of William and Delores Blasingame, attorneys at law of Riverside. We specialize in litigation to get you rich!!Don't be embarrassed in public again. You know the story, we win a lot of our cases. If we don't win , you just pay regular fees!!

Presently Delores and I are not taking any more cases on as we have landed a top-notch (ie long billing hours)case. We will be representing both our favorite client Steve Bozell and the Phil Hendrie Web Monkeys in their lawsuit against Phil "I Do All the Voices" Hendrie. Mr. Hendrie made terrible claims against our clients. Click here to hear Mr. Hendrie's defamatory comments. Unfortunately this has caused our clients great emotional stress and loss of income ( well it would be a loss if they charged anything, damn fools gave it all away for free!) and most importantly, loss of affection from their significant others. It has been terribly devastating to our clients. Michael(Mycrappy site), Roary (Jackball site) and Ed (CCAP site) have not had any sex since Mr. Hendrie's cruel and unusual comments. This has caused them to be unable to create on their sites and thus they have had to close them down until they can recover from this awful blow so to speak. Mr. Bill Kiesling (Shuck and Jive) was particulary affected. Mr Hendrie's vicious attack has caused him to not have sex since he was 18 on the Matterhorn. These kind of losses have caused us to bring suit on behalf of our clients against Mr. Hendrie, Premier radio and Jim Sweeney of San Diego whose Eforum made these accusations public. We are also suing Kim Dela Fuentes just because we want to see her sexy bod in the court room. I will personally depose her for our clients!

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William Blasingame personally works on each client's case to determine the best ones to sue.

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