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Frasier EP Guide

Season One

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1.     The Good Son     (09/16/93)
Writers: David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee/Director: James Burrows

In the series pilot, Dr. Frasier Crane finds himself back in his hometown of Seattle, as a psychiatrist with his own phone-in radio show. The new life he has planned for himself takes an unexpected turn when his father, his father's dog, and a home care specialist move in with him.

Guest Callers LINDA HAMILTON as Claire, GRIFFIN DUNNE as Russell; Co-Starring CLETO AUGUSTO as Delivery Man, GINA RAVARRA as Waitress, and MOOSE as Eddie


2.     Space Quest     (09/23/93)
Writers: Sy Dukane, Denise Moss/Director: James Burrows

Frasier is on a hunt for personal space now that his father, Martin, Martin's dog ,Eddie, and a home care specialist, Daphne Moon, are now living with him.

Guest Starring DAN BUTLER as Bulldog; Guest Caller CHRISTOPHER REEVE as Leonard

3.     Dinner At Eight     (09/30/93)
Writers: Anne Flett, Chuck Ranberg/Director: James Burrows

Frasier and Niles' eagerness to treat their father to some fine cuisine is ruined when their reservations at Le Cigar Volant are lost. The trio end up at The Timbermill, one of Martin's favorite haunts, and tragedy ensues.

Guest Caller PATTI LuPONE as Pam; Co-Starring LAURIE WALTON as Waitress, EVE BRENT as Hostess, and MOOSE as Eddie

4.     I Hate Frasier Crane     (10/07/93)
Writers: Christopher Lloyd/Director: David Lee

Frasier's feathers are ruffled when a columnist writes a single line in his column: "I hate Frasier Crane." The next day on his show, Frasier blasts the one-line review and states that there is no basis for such a terse statement. The columnist retorts by writing a detailed list of reasons for this hate. It all comes to a head when the man challenges Frasier to settle it like a man - by duking it out.

Guest Callers JOE MANTEGNA as Derek Mann, JUDITH IVEY as Lorraine; Guest Starring JOHN BRANDON as Cop, DEAN ERICKSON as Waiter, and MOOSE as Eddie

5.     Here's Looking At You     (10/14/93)
Writers: Brad Hall/Director: James Andy Ackerman

Frasier gives Martin a telescope as a present, which Martin then uses to "meet" a lady who also has a telescope, in another building. An odd little relationship begins, though when it comes time to meet in person, an embarrassed Martin is reluctant for a specific, private reason.

Guest Starring KATHLEEN NOONE as Aunt Patrice; Guest Caller JEFF DANIELS as Doug


6.     The Crucible     (10/21/93)
Writers: Sy Dukane, Denise Moss/Director: James Burrows

On his show, Frasier mentions having bought a painting by famous fellow Seattlelite, Martha Paxton. The artist hears this and phones Frasier and is subsequently invited to a cocktail party in her honor. Once at the party, she announces that the painting is not hers, and a flustered Frasier attempts to return it to the gallery from which it was purchased. Easier said than done!

Guest Starring JOHN RUBINSTEIN as Philip Hayson, RACHEL ROSENTHAL as Martha Paxton; Featuring EUGENIE BONDURANT as Diane, GREGORY EUGENER TRAVIS as Ronald, and MOOSE as Eddie; Guest Caller ROBERT KLEIN as Gary

7.     Call Me Irresponsible     (10/28/93)
Writers: Anne Flett, Chuck Ranberg/Director: James Burrows

Frasier has an attack of conscience when he starts dating the ex-girlfriend of an insensitive caller to his show.

Special Guest Star AMANDA DONOHOE as Catherine; Guest Callers BRUNO KIRBY as Marco, EDDIE VAN HALEN as Hank


8.     Beloved Infidel     (11/04/93)
Writers: Leslie Eberhard/Director: Andy Ackerman

While dining out, Frasier and Niles spot their father and a familiar woman eating dinner several tables away from them. After piecing together memories from their childhood, Frasier and Niles begin to suspect Martin and this woman had an affair. However, something even more surprising comes out of their suspicions...

Guest Starring PAT CROWLEY as Marion Lawlor; Featuring JULIE GILL as Waitress and MOOSE as Eddie; Guest Caller JoBETH WILLIAMS as Danielle

9.     Selling Out     (11/11/93)
Writers: Lloyd Garver/Director: Andy Ackerman

Frasier begins doing on-air product endorsements and starts to question which is more valuable to him; the extra money he's earning by plugging things on-air, or his reputation as a psychiatrist.

Guest Starring HARRIET SANSOM HARRIS as Bebe Glazer, DAN BUTLER as Bulldog; Special Appearance by DR. JOYCE BROTHERS; Featuring JOHN DRAYMAN as Walnut, MICHAEL DAVID EDWARDS as Almond, and MOOSE as Eddie; Guest Caller CARL REINER as Roger

10.     Oops     (11/18/93)
Writers: Denise Moss, Sy Dukane/Director: James Burrows

There is a rumor circulating around the station that one of the on-air personalities is about to get the axe. The employees speculate that it might be Bulldog, and Frasier is overheard - by Bulldog! - repeating this rumor to Father Mike. When Bulldog quits, and it becomes clear that the rumor was untrue, Frasier tries to smooth things over with the station manager.

Special Guest Star JOHN GLOVER as Ned Miller; Guest Starring DAN BUTLER as Bulldog; Co-Starring GEORGE DELOY as Father Mike, RICHARD POE as Chopper Dave, WAYNE WILDERSON as Teddy; Guest Caller JAY LENO as Dan

11.     Death Becomes Him     (12/02/93)
Writers: Leslie Eberhard/Director: Andy Ackerman

Frasier becomes obsessed with death when he learns that a man his age, another doctor, has died of a heart attack. Desperate for answers about the deceased man's health before passing on, Frasier attends the man's wake.

Guest Starring JUNE CLAMAN as Aunt Bobbie, MADDIE GORMAN as Gail, STEPHANIE DUNHAM as Mrs. Newman, MURRAY RUBINSTEIN as Allen Freedman; Co-Starring SHAWN HUFF as Woman at Shiva, MARION DUGAN as Patient, AMY LLOYD as Receptionist

12.     Miracle On 3rd Or 4th Street     (12/16/93)
Writers: Christopher Lloyd/Director: James Burrows

Frasier agrees to work Bulldog's Christmas day shift upon learning that Frederick will not be coming to Seattle for the holidays. After finishing at the station, Frasier is "treated" to turkey dinner at a small diner when he loses his wallet...

Guest Starring DAN BUTLER as Bulldog, CHRISTINE ESTABROOK as Lou, RICHARD POE as Chopper Dave, JOHN J. FINN as Tim; Co-Starring KATHERINE DANIELLE as Bonnie Weems, BETTE RAE as Elizabeth, HAWTHORNE JAMES as Bill; Guest Callers MEL BROOKS as Tom, ROSEMARY CLOONEY as Gladys, DOMONICK DUNNE as Jeff, BEN STILLER as Gary, ERIC STOLTZ as Don


13.     Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast     (01/06/94)
Writers: Molly Newman/Director: Andy Ackerman

Martin's date spends the night, causing an embarrassed Frasier to stick his foot repeatedly in his mouth at breakfast. When he tries to smooth the situation over on the air, matters become worse. He then makes one last attempt to patch things up by inviting her over for a romantic dinner with Martin, but was she listening and, if so, will she come?

Guest Starring LINDA STEPHENS as Elaine; Co-Starring PATRICK KERR as Noel, PATRICIA FRASER as Marjorie, ROBERT COLBERT as Tony; Guest Callers PIPER LAURIE as Marianne, HENRY MANCINI as Al, ELIJAH WOOD as Ethan

14.     Can't Buy Me Love     (01/20/94)
Writers: Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano/Director: James Burrows

Martin gets Frasier to participate in a charity bachelor auction, and the good doctor fetches $500 when he is "bought" by a Seattle model. His plans for their date are delayed when she is called in for a photo shoot and Frasier is asked to babysit her handful of a 12 year-old daughter, Renata.

Guest Starring DAN BUTLER as Bulldog, CLAIRE STANSFIELD as Kristina, ASHLEY BANK as Renata; Co-Starring BRETT K. MILLER as T.J., SHAWNA CASEY as Stage Manager, and MOOSE as Eddie

15.     You Can't Tell A Crook By His Cover     (01/27/94)
Writers: David Lloyd/Director: Andy Ackerman

Martin is having some buddies - two cops and an ex-con - over for poker, and bets that Frasier won't be able to pick out the one who has done time in prison.

Guest Starring RON DEAN as Frank, KATHERINE McGRATH as Linda, TONY ABATEMARCO as Jimmy, ROBERT MIANO as Rocco, IVORY OCEAN as Bartender, MARCO RODRIGUEZ as Leo; Co-Starring DEAN ERICKSON as Waiter, and MOOSE as Eddie

16.     The Show Where Lilith Comes Back     (02/03/94)
Writers: Ken Levine, David Isaacs/Director: James Burrows

Lilith is in Seattle for a medical convention, and she and Frasier meet for dinner. After an unexpected night of passion, she reveals to Frasier that there is actually no convention, and that she has come to try and reconcile with him.

Special Guest Star BEBE NEUWIRTH as Lilith; Guest Caller TIMOTHY LEARY as Hank; Featuring ROGER KELLER as Waiter and MOOSE as Eddie

17.     A Midwinter Night's Dream     (02/10/94)
Writers: Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano/Director: David Lee

A storm traps Niles and Daphne alone in Niles and Maris' mansion, enducing Frasier and Martin to rush over to make certain nothing is happening between them.

Guest Starring DEAN ERICKSON as Eric


18.     And The Whimper Is...     (02/17/94)
Writers: Denise Moss, Sy Dukane/Director: James Burrows

Frasier and Roz are nominated for a Seattle Broadcasting (SeaBea) award for the first time since being on the air and indulge in a little self-promotion (in the form of expensive gifts to the voters) to try to ensure winning.

Guest Starring HARRIET SANSOM HARRIS as Bebe Glazer, JOHN McMARTIN as Fletcher Grey, PATRICK KERR as Noel, WREN J. BROWN as Keith Bishop; Co-Starring MAXINE ELLIOTT as Mrs. Grey, TRISH RAMISH as Tawny Van Deusen; Featuring MARK SAWYER as Bob Peterson, AILEEN FITZPATRICK as Committee Member, and MOOSE as Eddie

19.     Give Him The Chair!     (03/17/94)
Writers: Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano/Director: James Burrows

Martin is dead-set against giving up his beloved recliner. Frasier goes out on his own and buys a new leather recliner much to Martin's chagrin, and then is guilted into trying to retrieve Martin's old chair, now an integral part of a school play.

Guest Starring VALERIE CURTIN as Mrs. Warren, JAMES GREENE as Salesman, PHIL BUCKMAN as Leo, MARC ROBINSON as Joey; Co-Starring SCOTT NGUYEN as Brown, BRITTANY MURPHY as Olsen, and MOOSE as Eddie; Guest Caller MALCOLM McDOWELL as Dr. Bruga

20.     Fortysomething     (03/31/94)
Writers: Sy Dukane, Denise Moss/Director: Rick Beren

Frasier's memory is not what it used to be, and he fears of becoming middle-aged and going through a mid-life crisis. Then, when he is asked out by an attractive 22 year-old saleswoman, he fights with himself on whether or not to accept the invitation.

Guest Starring DAN BUTLER as Bulldog, SARA MELSON as Carrie; Guest Caller REBA McENTIRE as Rachel


21.     Travels With Martin     (04/14/94)
Writers: Linda Morris, Vic Rauseo/Director: James Burrows

When Frasier asks Martin to pick a vacation spot for the two of them, Martin proclaims he wants to see America in a Winnebago. With Niles and Daphne in tow, they end up on the road and cross the border into Canada while Daphne is sleeping. Once she discovers where they are, she frantically informs them she wasn't supposed to leave the country, as she does not yet have her green card.

Guest Starring DON AMENDOLIA as Guard, PAMELA GORDON as Marvella

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22.     Author, Author     (05/05/94)
Writers: Don Siegel, Jerry Perzigian/Director: James Burrows

The Crane boys attempt to write a book on sibling rivalry and nearly tear each other apart after developing a case of writer's block.

Special Guest Star MAKO as Sam Tanaka; Co-Starring LUCK HARI as Waitress and MOOSE as Eddie; Guest Caller CHRISTINE LAHTI as Laura


23.     Frasier Crane's Day Off     (05/12/94)
Writers: Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano/Director: James Burrows

Niles reluctantly stands in for his sick brother on his radio show. But Frasier fears that Niles, who is doing wonderfully while guest hosting the show, may be after his job.

Guest Starring EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton; Guest Callers MARY TYLER MOORE as Marjorie, PATRICIA HEARST as Janice, STEVE LAWRENCE as Howard, EYDIE GORME as Lois, TOMMY HILFIGER as Robert, GARRY TRUDEAU as Louis, STEVE YOUNG as Blake


24.     My Coffee With Niles     (05/19/94)
Writers: David Angell, Peter Casey/Director: James Burrows

In the season finale, it is a year to the day that Frasier moved back to Seattle. The Crane boys reminisce about past events with the help of Daphne, Martin and Roz while at Café Nervosa. Is Frasier happy in his new life?

Co-Starring LUCK HARI as Waitress and MOOSE as Eddie


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