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achurra blazon

Blazon of Arms: In a field of gold, a green oak tree with a black wolf walking by the foot of the tree, a blue border with five gold stars.

Origin: Basques (Spain)

The noble Basque family name "ACHURRA" is classified as being of habitation origin. Habitation names are those family names which are derived from either the location of the place of residence of the initial bearer or from the name of the town or village from whence he hailed. In some instances, a habitation name refers to a residence which was distinguished by a sign or engraving usually displayed over the door. In this particular instance the name "ACHURRA / ATXURRA" derives from the Basque term "atxur" meaning "bramble" and the locative suffix "a" contracted form of "aga". Thus, the initial bearer of the surname "ACHURRA" would have been someone who dwelled near a place where the bush grew in abundance. During the Middle Ages, and before the hereditary family surname system was instituted, it was a practice to adopt a second name to be able to differentiate one individual from others with the same personal name.

In Amoroto, Bizkaia, a cave name "Achurra" or "Atxurra", a karstic complex near an affluent of the river Lea, a place where you can find a group of six caves, a few river sources, underground waters and cavities.

In Guipuzkoa, a small village in Astigarraga called "Achurra" or "Achurro, the one that gave origin to the "Achurra" or "Atxurra" family name.

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