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The noble Basque family name "ACHURRA" is classified as being of habitation origin. In this particular instances, the name "ACHURRA" derives from the Basque term "atxur" meaning "bramble" and the locative suffix "a" contracted form of "aga". Thus, the initial bearer of the surname "ACHURRA" would have been someone who dwelled near a place where the bush grew in abundance.

One of the earliest reference to this name is a record of one "ACHURRA" family whose ancestral seat was in Amoroto, anciently called "Amorredo". Members of this families established themselve in Lekeitio, Bizkaia. The baptism of Agustin ACHURRA Chacartegui, son of Juan de ACHURRA and Catalina de Chacartegui took place on the 28th of May, 1754 in Lekeitio, Bizkaia. The marriage of Ursula de ACHURRA and Antonio Braganza was celebrated in the church of Santa Marina, Aracaldo, Bizkaia on the 5th of May, 1768 and the baptism of Domingo Cruz ACHURRA Iturraldea, son of Melchor de ACHURRA and Maria Bautista de Iturraldea was celebrated in Lekeitio, Bizkaia, on the 15th of Septempber,1849.

Although, the Achurra family name appear briefly in Bizkaia,(Amoroto, Bilboa, Durango, Plencia, Lekeitio, Markina, Ondarroa, and Amorebieta), but there is no small village with the name Achurra in Bizkaia. In 1745 it is shown as part of Berriatua, a neighboring town of Lekeitio. Nevertheless, it exist in Guipuzkoa, concretely in Astigarraga, a small village called Achurra or Achurro, the one that gave origin to the Achurra family name.


BLAZON OF ARMS: In a field of gold, a green oak tree with a black wolf walking by the foot of the tree, a blue border with five gold stars.

ORIGIN: Basque (Spain)

Another known reference of this surname is the original lineage from the Anteiglesia of Amoroto, the judicial party of Markina, Bizkaia. Member of this family also established in Lekeitio, Bizkaia and then migrated to Santiago, Chile. The baptism of Domingo de ACHURRA Uscola took place in Lekeitio, Bizkaia,in 1775, the descendant of a house and lot with his surname in Amoroto. His marriage to Juana de Dios Valero D'Enos took place in Santiago, Chile in 1809. The baptism of Pedro de ACHURRA, Domingo's brother took place in Lekeitio, Bizkaia in 1778 and his marriage to Dona Ana Valero D'Enos took place in Santiago, Chile in 1810. Another family from neighboring Valparaiso, Chile was Ambrosio de ACHURRA, married to Dona Josefa Valladares, parents of Jose, Placido and Ambrosio de ACHURRA Valladares, who got married and left his descendant in Chile.

Notable bearer of surname "ACHURRA" include Juan Ambrosio ACHURRA, the Chilean priest, born in the year 1836. Jose Andres de ACHURRA, bishop of Trujillo, in America, 1796.


The "ACHURRA" originated from Bizkaia, one of the four autonomous region in northern Spain known as the Basque country, "Euskal Herria." A certain noble Basque from Bizkaia sailed from the bay of Biscay to the Atlantic ocean around the Pacific ocean all the way to the Philippines until he reached the island of Panay, the northmost of the Visayan island in the central part of the Philippines sometimes circa 1700. Presumably after his arrival, he settled in the province of Iloilo, the southwest portion of Panay Island. He got married to a local and started to raise his family.

There are numerous "ACHURRA" family all over the world. You can find them in Spain, all of Americas and the Philippines. Majority of the "ACHURRA" are uniquely related to each other.


During the period around 1800s, in Iloilo that noble Basque had a son name Roman ACHURRA. ROMAN is my great grandfather, the first "ACHURRA" that I've ever known. He was married to a lady with the name of CARMEN ALCANTARA. Roman and his wife CARMEN have five siblings all born in Sara,Iloilo during the 1800s. At the turn of 1900s, the children left Iloilo and start migrating to search for better opportunities. The oldest son Cito and the youngest Roman Jr. together with the two sisters Matilde and Antonina migrated to Manila. All four children settled in Manila and raised their families until they passed away. Except for Manuel who migrated to Cavite City and worked at Cavite Naval Arsenal until he retired and passed away on October 31,1956.


My genealogical research has reached me to the conclusion and to the discovery of my ancestral origin starting with my great grandfather Roman ACHURRA (1800S),who was married and produced five siblings, listed in chronological order:

  1. Ignacio Alcantara Achurra - born in Sara,Iloilo,1800s(deceased). Married to Adela Roxas, had two sons name, Eugenio Roxas Achurra and Jesus Roxas Achurra, lawyer by profession. He was admitted to the bar on January 25,1925.

  2. Manuel Alcantara Achurra- born in Sara,Iloilo, Dec 25,1886(deceased-31 Oct.1956).

  3. Matilde Alcantara Achurra - born in Sara,Iloilo, 1800s(deceased).

  4. Antonina Alcantara Achurra - born in Sara, Iloilo, 1800s (deceased-1958). Married to Restituto Bagaygay.

  5. Roman Alcantara Achurra Jr. - (deceased-1964)born in Sara,Iloilo,in the year 1907. Married to Luisa Tabarangao Latshaw,(deceased 27 Dec. 1994), on 16th of December 1924 in Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines,(born on June 4, 1907, in Jaro, Iloilo, had a son name,Roman Latshaw Achurra and a daughter name Remedios Latshaw Achurra-Mercader.

Manuel Alcantara ACHURRA is my grandfather, married to Juliana Kalinisan Diaz, (deceased) born October 21, 1886 from Cavite City, had seven children listed in chronological order:

  1. Angela Diaz Achurra (deceased) - born June 7, 1909 in Cavite City, married to Fortunato Yambao(deceased), lieutenant in the U.S. Army and a member of the Philippine basketball team at the 1936 Olympic in Berlin, Germany. He is from Masantol,Pampanga. Had four children namely: She passed away on April 15, 2012. at the age of 102 years old.

    • Oliver Achurra Yambao - married to Vicentica de Guzman of Cavite City, had five children namely: Charmaine, Rose, Stephanie, Jessica and Oliver Jr.

    • Rosita Achurra Yambao - (deceased)

    • Fortunato Achurra Yambao Jr. - married to Loida Arriola of Cavite City, had two children namely: Allen and Rizza.

    • Rosalinda Achurra Yambao - born January 2, 1951 in Okinawa, Japan, married to Arturo Santos of Floridablanca, Pampanga, had three children namely: Arlynn, Aimee and Andrea.

    All are married and currently residing in San Diego, CA.

  2. Ramon Diaz Achurra (deceased) - born June 3,1911 in Cavite City, married to Constancia Rosario from Bataan, (both deceased and childless).

  3. Carmen Diaz Achurra (deceased) -born July 12, 1913 in Cavite City, married to Telesforo Rivera, (both deceased) from Arayat, Pampanga. Had six children namely: Remedios, Dolores, Danilo, Bienvenido, Grace and Manuel. All are married and currently residing in Manila and Thailand.

  4. Teodoro Diaz Achurra - born April 1,1916 in Cavite City, died on Sept. 6, 1995. He was married to first wife, Valentina Ybanez from Leyte. Had a daughter name Anita Ybanez Achurra. Married to second wife Hospicia Nobleza from Bicol.

  5. Dominador Diaz Achurra (deceased)- born September 29, 1917 in Olongapo, Zambales, married to Apariana Isip, (deceased) from Macabebe, Pampanga. Had five children namely: Gloria, Mirla, Ligaya, Adelaida and Jesus. All are married and currently residing in Alabang, Metro Manila.

  6. Pacifico Diaz Achurra (deceased) - born March 1, 1920 in Cavite City, married to Dominga Baytan (deceased) from Cavite City. Had four children namely: Reynaldo, Magdalena, Guillermo and Socorro. All are married and currently residing in Cavite City and in the state of Washington. Got married the second time to Monica Buco from Linatiran, Capiz. Had four children namely: Evangeline, Richard, Ronaldo,and Raymond. All currently residing in Cavite City.

  7. Salvador Diaz Achurra - born November 21,1921 in Cavite City, (deceased 14 Oct 1995) married to Carlina Picache dela Cruz,(deceased 16 Oct. 2007) born November 4, 1921 from Cavite City. Had seven children namely: Jesus, Salvador Jr., Augusto, Teresita, Corazon, Salvador Jr. and Rolando. Two did not reached adulthood and the rest are all married and currently residing in California and New Jersey.

Salvador Diaz ACHURRA is my father, who used to worked and retired as a mechanic and a heavy equipment operator at one of the naval shipyard in Cavite City. City. He passed away on October 14,1995 in Cavite City. The following are his siblings, listed in chronological order:

  1. Jesus dela Cruz Achurra - born December 11,1947 in Cavite City, (deceased-21 December 1947).

  2. Salvador dela Cruz Achurra Jr.- born November 20, 1948 in Cavite City,(deceased - 20 November 1948).

  3. Augusto dela Cruz Achurra - born September 2,1950 in Cavite City. Married to Billi Jo Cole, had four children namely:

    • Michael Joseph Achurra - born on March 6,1976 in Long Beach, CA., currently living in Gainsville, VA., married to Rowena Escobar, with two daughters named Symone and Loordes Escobar Achurra.

    • Carisa Rachelle Achurra - born on March 6, 1976 in Long Beach, CA.,currently living in Norfolk, VA., married to Ralph Samboy with three children namely Jarred, Jaelyn and Justis. Granddaughters, Isla Faye, Lily Grace and Adeline Grace.

    • Julia Ann Achurra - born on March 13,1978 in Morong, Bataan,Philippines,has served the U.S, Army, married to Scott Barker,living in Murrieta, CA.

    • Daniel Jude Achurra - born on September 18,1980 in Porstmouuth, VA.,married to Keisha Patterson, with 3 children namely Cheyenne Brooke, Cierra Machelle and Ceven Jude currently living in Va. Beach, VA.

  4. Teresita dela Cruz Achurra - born August 8,1952 in Cavite City, married to Edgardo Bonifacio from Silang,Cavite, now living in Menifee, CA. Had two children namely:

    • Eileen Achurra Bonifacio - born January 18, 1979 in Cavite City.

    • Emil Achurra Bonifacio - born April 11, 1980 in Cavite City.

    All are curently residing in San Diego,CA.

  5. Corazon dela Cruz Achurra - born July 26,1954 in Cavite City, married to Robert Zarate from Panique, Tarlac. Presently residing in Michigan. Had two daughters namely:

    All are currently residing in Orlando, Florida .

  6. Salvador dela Cruz Achurra Jr. - born June 30, 1958 in Cavite City, married to Maria Concepcion Vejerano from Cavite City, now living in Chula Vista, CA. Had two daughters namely:

    • Khiela Vejerano Achurra - born August 17,1989, in San Diego, CA.

    • Kimberly Vejerano Achurra - born on January 4,1992 in San Diego, CA.

    All are currently residing in Chula Vista, CA.

  7. Rolando dela Cruz Achurra - born August 21,1961 in Cavite City, married to Marilyn Zapata from Manila, now living in Beachwood, New Jersey. Had two children namely:

    • Carolyn Rose Achurra - born October 3, 1993 in Beachwood,NJ.

    • Giovann Carlo Achurra - born July 18, 1995 in Beachwood, NJ.

    All are currently residing in Beachwood, New Jersey.

Ñol. Augusto dela Cruz ACHURRA is my name, (nickname Tito). I was born and raised in San Roque,Cavite City. A true Caviteño Chavacano. I have served in the United State Navy and retired with twenty years of naval service as Chief Storekeeper. I am currently residing in southern California.

The result of this research was compiled solely by Augusto Achurra. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back.

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