The Home of Faerie_Dancer
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Welcome to the home of Faerie_Dancer

Faeries are seen not by the eyes, but by the heart...

Mist clad in the light of the moon

Starspan seekers--I search for thee!

Faery light--I ask thy boon

Of branch and thorn and elder tree.

Wood woven creatures, shadow weavers

River keepers--come to me!

Just beyond reaching

Never in keeping

Spirits of Faery--I call unto thee!

Wind hewen wilderness

Dark and brightness

Special enchantments--born of the sky!

Cradle me with elven hands,

Abide with me, thy human child!

by WB Yeats

..Welcome to my home...grab a toadstool and sit down.

I want you to relax and enjoy your visit to the land of Believers.

Here you will have the pleasure of meeting the fae.

Enjoy some music, read some poetry, and whatever else I can do to entertain you.

This page is always under construction.
Sorry there are broken links,
but what was then, is not now.

Please stop by often and view the changes as they occur.

Tales of the little folk can be found in most, if not all, cultures of the world, for they dwell in the imaginations of people everywhere.

Faeries take us to a land where wisdom is inspearable from whimsey, and where Leprechauns dance with Angels....

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This is not MY graphic, I redid it using PSP. This is a greeting card I used.
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This is "Nicim" my resident page faerie. She is here to watch over my pages and keep you company as you journey thru here.

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