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Faerie Poetry


The soft stars are shining,
The moon is alight;
The folk of the forest
Are dancing tonight:
O swift and gay
Is the song that they sing;
They float and sway
As they dance in a ring

O seek not to find them,
The wee folk so fair;
They're shy as the swallow
And swift as the air;
If you come, they are gone
Like a snowflake in May;
Like a breath, like a sigh, They vanish away.

By Katherine Davis American, 1892-1980

Children, Children, Don't Forget

by Dora Owen

Children, Children, don't forget
There are elves and faeries yet;
Where the knotty hawthorn grows
Look for prints of faerie toes.
Where the grassy rings are green
Moonlight dances shall be seen.
Watch and wait: O lucky you,
If you find a faerie shoe:
For a ransom he will pay,
Hobbling barefoot all the day,
Lay it on his mushrrom seat,
Wish your wish and go your way
If your wish should be discreet
Never fear but he will pay.

The world is very old;
But every Spring
It groweth young again,
And fairies sing.

The Song of the *Sweet Pea Fairies*

Here Sweet Peas are climbing,
(Here's the Sweet Pea rhyme!)
Here are little tendrils,
Helping them to climb.

Here are sweetest colours,
Fragrance very sweet;
Here are silky pods of peas,
None for us to eat!

Here's a fairy sister,
Trying on with care.
Such a grand new bonnet
For the baby there.

Does it suit you Baby?
Yes, I really think
Nothing's more becoming
Than this pretty pink!

Poem by Cicely Mary Barker

Heard melodies are sweet,
but those unheard are sweeter.

Have you seen the fairies
dancing in the air,
And dashing off behind the
stars to tidy up their hair?

I have, I have; I've been there!

May smiling fairies
hearts and flowers,
Bring you many
lovely hours..
And when today
becomes tonight,
May the evening hold
still more delight!

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