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Presents from my Elf!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Site Fights
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This is from Laura...thank you!

I recieved 2 cruises! One from the Elf and one from DFairy Star...I'm a lucky Faerie!

Send someone you love on a Christmas Cruise

The Elf wrapped me!! *s*

Oh Oh....the Elf got me a tree!

Here is my adorable snow globe..thank you Speedy Elf!!

D'Elf went and adopted me an ornament! Cute! yeah? *s*

D'Elf Speedy gave me a stocking...

Here is my adopted Angel...thank you D'Elf!

D'Elf adopted for me a puppy "Happy"....he is at the Pet Adoption Center You can visit him there.

A flower from D'Elf's garden

This is a page spirit to guard over my pages..I've lost the URL! If anyone knows it...please e-mail me...thanks!

Here's Prancer D'Elf adopted for me....

D'Elf sent me her picture!!!

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