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Welcome to The Courtyard, A Resource Page for New Writers!

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Courtyard: An enclosed yard adjoining a building or surrounding buildings.

The Courtyard is a website dedicated to giving resources to writers! There are links, tips, book suggestions, articles, a newsgroup, and much more to help you do all of this. Please enjoy your visit!

What's New at "The Courtyard?"

The Old Globe Theatre is currently presenting their Summer Shakespeare Festival! Visit their wesbite for showtimes and tickets if you live in the San Diego area.

Do you want to work for Disney and ABC? Their annual writing fellowship competition is currently accepting submissions through June 23rd! Visit their website for more information on this exciting opportunity! Oh yeah, if you win, you get $50,000. Motivated now? :-)

Writing a query letter? Need some tips? Read this!

My favorite places to buy books online: Alibris, and

Update to the The Silver Quill. Please read before entering!

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Barbed Wire

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance as though no one is looking."


Barbed Wire

I would love to hear from you...if you have any suggestions..requests for sites...know of a site that should be listed..or just general comments, feel free to mail me [] or sign my guest book!

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I am a mentor for Absythe Muse, through Funds for Writers! Click the owl for more information!

I support The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as well as The Hunger Site and Save The Rainforest. Please have a look at their sites.

The Hunger Site

DAWN, The Silver Quill Anthology, Book Two. Available only at Roberts Publishing!

The Courtyard has been very fortunate to have received various awards from around the net. To view these, please enter...
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