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Andrews, Smith, McMurry, Murten, Rutledge, Hallford, Cameron, Elliott ~ Unknown Pictures

>> If you can identify any of these pictures, please let me know -- thank you

My grandmother, Ruth Margaret (Smith) Andrews had both of these pictures. My grandmother's sister, Elda Mae, is seated in front on the running board, closest to front of car. Do you recognize anybody else in the picture ? What kind of car is this ? Elda Mae was born 30 Dec 1905, Sunnyside, Oregon. She looks about 7 or 8 years old in the picture, so the photograph must have been taken between 1912-1914. Please let me know. The picture on the right has written on the back, Mrs. J. Smith. Could the lady seated be Etta May McMurry ? Is she the wife of James Otto Smith ? These pictures are somehow be related to Andrews, McMurry (McMurray ?), Murten, or Smith. Grandma Ruth was born in 1899. Her father was James Otto Smith, born 24 Jun 1865, Stark County, Illinois, and mother was Etta May McMurry, born 29 May 1874, Waverly, Nebraska.

The 3rd and 4th pictures also belonged to my grandmother Ruth Margaret (Smith) Andrews. Can you help identify anyone ?

These pictures also belonged to my grandparents, Emerson Mendall Andrews, and Ruth Margaret Smith. According to the writing on the back of the pictures, 1st picture is Millie (Miller ?) Bennet, and Margaret Bennet. 2nd picture is Benjamin H. Murten, born December 1876, Indiana, and Eve (his wife ?). No further information. If you can help to identify Benjamin's wife, please let me know. Also searching for additional information for people in these photographs (their families, living descendants, documents, other pictures, etc.).

Another picture that my grandparents had -- Top row, middle, is Benjamin H. Murten, son of John Austin Murten and Eulalie Bennett. Benjamin was born December 1876, Indiana. Who are the other five people ? If you know or have any clues, please contact me. Also, I am looking for more information about Benjamin's parents (dates, places, their siblings, parents, grandparents, and living descendants, and any documents, stories, etc.).

Left picture, Eldon and Ellen Smith. Who are these people ? How are they related to my Smith's ? Are they siblings, husband and wife ? Is one of them the child of James Otto Smith ? James Otto Smith is the father of my grandmother, Ruth Margaret Smith. If you have any clues, please let me know.

Middle picture, written on the front of the picture holder is, "aunt Grace, Velda, and Lester McMurry." Written on the back of the picture is, "Lester John McMurry, age 9 years, Velda Helen McMurry, age 12 years." I'm sure these must be my McMurrys, but who are their parents ? And do they have any living descendants ? If you recognize anyone, please contact me. Thank you.

Right picture, Paul Harvey, and my grandmother Ruth Margaret Smith. Picture must have been taken around 1901. My grandmother was born 17 Jun 1899, and looks like she is about two years old in the picture. Do you Recognize Paul Harvey ? This Paul Harvey must be Joseph Paul Harvey, Sr., son of George Harvey and Nellie Maud Smith. Nellie was sister of James Otto Smith. I know that Joseph Paul Harvey, Sr., married Ruth Boyce. I do not know the names of the parents for James and Nellie. James and Nellie had one, possibly two other siblings, Allan Conrad, and a brother (?). If you recognize any connection, or have further information, please contact me. I'm guessing that Joseph Paul Harvey must have been born between 1895-1897. His uncle, James Otto Smith was born 24 Jun 1865, Stark County, Illinois.

This picture may somehow be related to my Cameron, Hallford, Elliott, or Rutledge lines. The lady on the right is Sarah Jane Cameron. Grandma Cameron married Joseph Whitfield Hallford, 1859, Fayette County, Illinois. Joseph Whitfield Hallford was born 1 Sep 1830/40, Fayette, Greene County, Illinois, died 12 May 1924, St. Louis, Missouri. Who is the lady on the left ? I am still searching for the parents of my 3rd great-grandmother Sarah Jane Cameron. She was adopted by the Stoddards. Sarah Jane Cameron was born 8 Jun 1840, St. Louis, Missouri. She died 25 May 1929, St. Louis, Missouri. She was raised by her foster parents, L. F. Stoddard. Possible Cameron relatives of Sarah may be Nathan W. Cameron married Ruth Hamblin; Rena Cameron, relative to Elisha Aaron Hamblen; Samuel A. Cameron, relative to Elisha Aaron Hamblen (From the IGI Index).

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