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Mathews ~ Andrews Family History Page

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1st picture -- Left to right, back row: Elmer Winfred Mathews (my great-grandfather), Brice Shipley Mahtews, Roy Elbert Mathews -- Front row: William John Mathews (my great-great-grandfather), on his lap Ivan ?, Carrie Elvira Mathews, Emma Etta Shipley (my great-great-grandmother)

Middle picture -- William John Mathews

Right picture -- William John Mathews

Left picture, Olof Mathews, William's half-brother. Olof was born in Sweden.

Left picture, Elmer, carrie, and Roy Mathews -- Middle picture, Ivan Lewis Mathews on chair, and Brice Shipley Mathews -- Right picture, Elmer Winfred Mathews

Left picture, the Mathews Homestead at Anne Valley, Idaho, about 10 miles from Jordan, Oregon, near South Mountain -- Right picture

Left picture,

Left picture, great-great-aunt Ruth (Hallford) LeDeau -- Right pictures, great-uncle Ralph Kenneth Mathews, Sr.

Left picture, on the tractor, Ralph and Sharon Mathews, taken in Meridian, Idaho -- Right picture, great-great-aunt Ruth (Hallford) LeDeau

Picture on left, left to right: Leonard, Francis, and Neil Mathews -- sons of Elmer Winfred Mathews and Mary Evalyne Hallford -- Right picture, Dorothy, great-grandmother Mary Evalyne Hallford, Evalyne, Emma, Elinor, Shirley, Esther, Charlotte, and Ruth

Picture on left, left to right: grandpa Francis Elmer Mathews, and twin brother on right, great-uncle Carl Lewis Mathews -- Right picture, Johnnie Horton, Jesse, Francis, Dorothy, and Carl

Picture on left, left to right: Emma, Leonard, Francis, great-grandma Mary, Neil, and Elinor -- Right picture, Francis, Neil, and Leonard

Hallford - Mathews - Shipley portrait -- Left to right: Benjamin Franklin Hallford,

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