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Andrews Family Photo Gallery

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Our marriage ceremony in 1991 -- Graduation 2000

Picture on left, William Grandville Andrews, and Harriet J. Nausler, my 2nd great-grandparents -- Middle picture, Henry James Andrews, my great-grandfather, taken about 1935 -- Right picture, Henry James Andrews and Sylvia Ann (Ada) Murten, my great-grandparents.

Picture at left, James Otto Smith -- Middle picture, James Otto Smith, James' mother ?, Elda Mae and Ruth Margaret Smith -- Right picture, James Otto Smith with my grandmother, Ruth Margaret

Left picture, Emerson Mendall Andrews, my grandfather (on the left), and his uncle, John Earnest Murten (on the right) -- Middle picture, Ruth Margaret Smith and Emerson Mendall Andrews, my grandparents -- Right picture, Emerson Mendall Andrews and Ruth Margaret Smith, my grandparents

Left picture, my grandmother Ruth Margaret Smith -- Middle picture on left is her sister, Elda Mae, my great-aunt, and on the right is my grandmother, Ruth -- Right picture, my grandmother Ruth

Picture on left, Emerson Mendall Andrews and Ruth Margaret Smith, my grandparents -- Dorothy Jennie Swain and Glen Marvin Andrews. Glen is my grandpa's brother -- Middle picture is Dorothy and Glen -- Right picture is Glen on left, with two friends, in Carver, Oregon.

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