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Welcome Kane-anites. Welcome to the Unofficial Kane Site. This is the best damn Kane site on the net. My name is Y2Kane and I am the webmaster. Please send me any pictures of Kane that you have and I'll put them on the photo gallery. This site is not ran by Kane, so don't send me fan mail. Check out the FAQ. Please bookmark this puppy! Check out EVERY section on this site. Join the free fan club and check out the THE NEW FORUMS. If their is anything on this site that is wrong or something that you don't like, please let me know. Ok? Thankz.
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The Unofficial Kane Site has been created by Y2Kane. Anything on this site belongs to this site. Kane is a trademark of WWE/Titan Sports. This is not Kane's official Kane site nor is this site run by Glenn Jacobs. So don't send me Kane fan mail to me. Check out FAQ and you'll find Kane's e-mail in there. I liked to thank all people that helped with this site including HFB, MrCheseMan™, Frozen Bill,The Brides Of Kane ;), Angelfire, Storm, Rage, Salzano, Kane(Himself), Vince Mcmahon, All the people who send me pictures, info, and all that good stuff, I want to thank everybody who visited my site, so thank you.

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