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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Wrestling fake?
Answer: IT DOESN'T MATTER! Does it?

Question: Did Kevin Nash play Diesel?
Answer: Yes but when he left to WCW, Glenn Jacobs played his part.

Question: Is Undertaker Kane's brother in real life? Is Paul Bearer Kane's Dad in real life?
Answer: No, No, No, No. Wrestling is like a movie, they have actors and storylines but in this movie, we have no stuntmen.

Question: Is Kane's face burned in real life ?
Answer: No.

Question: Is Kane still married in real life?
Answer: Yes happily married.

Question: What is Kane's outfit made out of?
Answer: Pleather (a leather-like material) and cloth

Question: What is the name of Kane's gym that he owns?
Answer: Family Fitness.

Question: Are those pictures of Kane Unmasked really him?
Answer: Yes it is him.

Question: What's Kane's e-mail address?
Answer: Try or
Don't expect a reply because Kane is a very busy man.

Question: Are you Kane?
Answer: No, I'm just a fan like you.

Question: Where can I find any news of Kane?
Answer: On my site,duh. Also try

Question: Does Kane still have ugly teeth?
Answer: No, just when he was Isaac Yankem. I think they were fake teeth.

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