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No superstar in history has made more of an immediate impact than Kane. On October 5, 1997 the world met Kane, as the seven foot monster tore off the door to "Hell in the Cell" in order to get to his brother, the Undertaker. When these two long-lost siblings locked eyes, the Phenom could only stand there in disbelief, but Kane was ready for battle. The younger brother attacked the Man from the Darkside, rendering him unconscious after delivering a "Tombstone Piledriver." It had been over twenty years since these two had been together, but there would be no happy family reunion.

Kane and the Undertaker grew up the only two children in a family which owned and operated a funeral parlor. Like most young boys, these brothers would often get into trouble for touching and playing with things they were not supposed to. After playing with flammable chemicals used for embalming one too many times--it happened. The house and the funeral parlor went down in a raging inferno, killing the father, the mother and presumably Kane. However, the younger sibling miraculously survived that fire, but no one except for the young assistant knew. Paul Bearer has kept Kane in isolation since that day, not letting anyone else know he was alive. Over that time the scarred monster has listened, time and time again, to Bearer recount the story of how that fateful fire began.

According to the bulbous Bearer, he was at school when the fire started. He returned home in time to see the building go down in flames, and saw the Undertaker run off!!! Pointing to what he claims to have seen, Bearer told the world that their beloved Undertaker set the fire purposely to kill his entire family!!!

Under the belief that his brother is a murderer, it is understandable that Kane has entered the Federation with such hate and fury in search of him. Since resurfacing into society, the seven foot monster has annihilated many of the top Federation superstars. Paul Bearer promises that this destruction will continue until Kane gets what he wants--a match with the Undertaker. Bearer has issued many challenges to the Phenom on behalf of Kane, and each time Taker has refused. After luring his older brother into a false hope for reconciliation, Kane and Bearer trapped the Phenom in a casket and set it on fire! Thinking they had successfully destroyed the Undertaker, the two went around the Federation boasting. Then one night in the WAR ZONE, he returned to accept Kane's challenge! The younger brother will finally get the match he has been waiting for at WrestleMania XIV!

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