Words/Phrases DEFINED: 'order'. Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES used in his QUALIA III Monograph.

Words/Phrases DEFINED:

The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
I. Rank generally; a rank, grade, class.
1. a rank, row, series; one of several parallel series behind or above one another.
2. a rank of the community, consisting of persons of the same status (esp. in relation to other ranks higher or lower); a school division, grade or stratum; esp. in the phrases higher, lower orders.
3. a body of persons of the same profession, occupation, or pursuits, constituting or regarded as a separate class in the community, or united by some special interest.
4. a class, group, kind, or sort, of persons, beings, or things, having its rank in a scale of being, excellence, or importance, or distinguished from others by nature or character.

II. Rank in specific departments.
5. Angelology n/a
6. Eccl. n/a
7. Relig. Orders n/a
8. an institution, partly imitated from the mediaeval and crusading orders of military monks (i.e., Knights Templar), but generally founded by a sovereign, or prince of high rank, for the purpose of rewarding meritorious service by the conferring of a dignity.
9. Arch. n/a
10. Math. n/a
11. Nat. Hist. n/a
12. disposition of things in which one thing, or each of a number of things, duly succeeds another; sequence or succession in space or time; succession of acts or events; the mode in which this occurs, course or method of occurrence or action.
13. (a.) formal disposition or array; regular, methodical, or harmonious arrangement in the position of things contained in any space or area, or composing any group or body.
(b.) in wider sense; the condition in which everything is in its proper place, and performs its proper functions.
14. disposition of measures for the accomplishment of a purpose; suitable action in view of some particular end; to take order, to take measures or steps, to make arrangements.
15. regular or customary mode of procedure; a method of action; a customary practice, an established usage.
16. a method according to which things act or events take place; the fixed arrangement found in the existing constitution of things; a natural, moral, or spiritual system in which things proceed according to definite laws.
17. Eccl. n/a
18. the prescribed or customary mode of proceeding in debates or discussions, or in the conduct of deliberative or legislative bodies, public meetings, etc., or conformity with the same.
19. (=civil or public order). The condition in which the laws or usages regulating the public relations of individuals to the community, and the public conduct of members or sections of the community to each other, are maintained and observed; the rule of law or constituted authority; law-abiding state; absence of riot, insurrection, turbulence, unruliness, or crimes of violence.
20. state or condition, generally (qualified as good, bad, etc.); normal, healthy, or efficient condition.
21. Mil. n/a
22. the action of putting or keeping in order; regulation, direction, mandate.
23. an authoritative direction, injunction, mandate; a command, oral or written; an instruction.
24. Law, Banking and Commerce, Business n/a
25. by order n/a
26. order of the day n/a
27. in order n/a
28. in order to n/a
29. in order that n/a
30. out of order n/a

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