Words/Phrases DEFINED: 'a proposition/axiom'. Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES used in his QUALIA III Monograph.

Words/Phrases DEFINED:
"a proposition/axiom"

"a proposition/axiom"
The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
a proposition/axiom: Every power to exert symbolic violence, i.e., every power which manages to impose meanings and to impose them as legitimate by concealing the power relations which are the basis of its force, adds its own specifically symbolic force to those power relations. As an axiom of regard, such shall thusly constitute a basic principle of the theory of sociological knowing or knowledge.
With respect to any kind or degree of human relations based upon power (as described above), the actions taken by individuals so engaged therein, based upon those conditions of existence which do so constitute that power, do so derive or construct as follows:
  1. If such does arise from the creative freedom of the individuals, therefore it shall be known as an autonomous power, which may be either Positive or Negative, depending on whether its objectification is to 'Serve others' or not and whether such action is derived 'In the Moment' of existential action.
    1. If such an autonomous power is Positive, then the manifestations of its imposition, contrary to that nominally expressed as relative to any and all powers, shall, in fact, not be concealed and hidden, but instead, shall be open and eminently known to all.
    2. If such an autonomous power is Negative, its manifestation shall thusly be in accord with that nominally expressed of all such powers, i.e., being concealed and hidden, and thusly coercive and detrimental to the societal order and individuals.

  2. If such individuals may be denied such relative power, therefore symbolic action as such is annihilated or voided.
  3. In that such power as is herein described does find its basis, as to any and all societal powers hereinabove noted, in the quantum forces/fields of the ground-state condensate of the Collective Consciousness of humanity, and specifically in that exercise of Negative power/consciousness which is the source of all noted sociological Negativity, such power and the exercise thereof does so constitute symbolic violence upon individuals and the social order.
  4. Relative to that quantum condensate hereinabove mentioned, when the exercise of such powers is Positive, the quantum axion particles of such Consciousness shall be in a 'whole' state of wholeness/Oneness, i.e., Positive whole-integer-spin. If such powers are interdicted at any point or in any way by the Negative dimension of consciousness, such quantum axion particles shall be found to be Cooper-paired and of a half-integer-spin. For a further description of the Negative aspects of such Cooper-pairing, see the main QUFD document and the QUALIA I Monograph herein this website.
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