Words/Phrases DEFINED: "positivity". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

Words/Phrases DEFINED: "positivity". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

A Definition/Description of the keyword/phrase "positivity", as used in the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

The keyword/phrase "positivity" relates to, and is part of, the classification(s) listed below, as used in the text or auxiliary documents of the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

human evolution
Infinite Consciousness
philosophy of mind
quantum physics
quantum consciousness
Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics
theology of reality
theoretical physics
Veil of Separation
Veil of Unknowing
whole person

The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
The term refers to one of the dual forms of consciousness and spirit which does pervade the Cosmos (see the listings for "pervade...(et al)"). Positivity is the essence (Spirit) of Infinite Consciousness (God). The opposite form, negativity, which is derived from God-positivity, but does presently provide a counter-balance OF evil in relation TO the good of positivity. Positivity consists of both positive whole-integer spin AND positive half-integer spin quantum axion particles of spirit-consciousness. Negativity consists of both negative whole and half-integer spin quantum axion particles of consciousness. Where the half-integer spin particles exist, the half-integer spin particles are conjoined into a partial positive-negative ground-state pairing of the QUFD condensate-fields that might resemble what Quantum Mechanics calls a "Cooper pairing", in that together the positive-negative pairing produces a composite ground-state condensate-field of consciousness. However, the difference from actual Cooper pairs is that the quantum axion particle condensate-field of half-integer spin particles MAY EXIST with ANY "proportionality" of the positive and negative particles; i.e., there may be a large proportion of positive particles versus a small proportion of negative particles, OR, the reverse may exist, OR, ANY possible "relativity" in between such proportions.
Needless to say, what we are talking about here is the human brain/mind and consciousness thereof. The upper local mind is one-half of the conjoined ground-state which is the individual local mind, the other half being the lower local mind. Both halves are separated by the Veil of Separation, which is the negative half-integer spin quantum axion particle intrusion into the basically positive half-integer spin quantum axion particles of both the upper and lower local minds, the combination producing that ground-state condensate field having the composite similarity to Cooper pairs. However, since there can be various "levels" or degrees of negative intrusion (and thusly varying degrees of "blockage" of a person's "access" TO their mature upper mind), therefore the quantum axion particle "mixture" depends on the degree to which the combined ground-state (the human individual) does, or has, decided, of one's own WILL, to "embrace" the positivity of Infinite Consciousness, and thusly reject the negativity of the Luciferian Complex. Such a "decision" produces the resultant whole integer spin quantum axion particle-state OR anything less, depending on what that "decision" is.

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