Words/Phrases DEFINED: "people". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

Words/Phrases DEFINED: "people". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

A Definition/Description of the keyword/phrase "people", as used in the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

The keyword/phrase "people" relates to, and is part of, the classification(s) listed below, as used in the text or auxiliary documents of the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

theology of reality

The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
The term refers to several meanings and implications, as used by Jerome in his writings, of which we will define only two.
First, "Of the People, By the People, and For the People", meaning a political entity (state) so created as to respect and lawfully empower the individual and all individuals, as shall comprise the polis of that state. In and of such empowering, the polis is thereby obligated and lawfully responsible for all and any individual's words, actions and deeds, such responsibility to be effectuated by and through a fully participatory form of government (participatory democracy), in which all individuals are enjoined to "vote" on one and all issues of concern to such polis. In doing so (participatorily voting), there shall be no "representation", or third-party-agents-of-responsibility/representation of any form, enacting or assuming an individual's personal responsibility. In other words, "representation", as to government, "legislators" thereof, nor others of such a society, shall not exist. A free and independent citizenry, of DIRECT personal responsibility, shall comprise the PEOPLE thereof such a state.
And secondly, "People..., People who need people......, Are the loveliest people, in the world..." YES, the song, and the reality, as to that polis and state mentioned above. People of Love, Honor, Respect, Truth, Trust, Integrity, Compassion, Wisdom, KNOWING, and so much more! THESE are "people"!

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