Words/Phrases DEFINED: "mind". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

Words/Phrases DEFINED: "mind". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

A Definition/Description of the keyword/phrase "mind", as used in the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

The keyword/phrase "mind" relates to, and is part of, the classification(s) listed below, as used in the text or auxiliary documents of the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

Bose-Einstein condensates
Holothetic communications
human evolution
Infinite Consciousness
philosophy of mind
philosophy of science
quantum physics
quantum consciousness
Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics
theology of reality
theoretical physics
Veil of Separation
Veil of Unknowing
whole person

The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
The term refers to the individual local mind of a human being. Mind is the incorporeal part of an individual's existence, the source of that individual's sentience and the essence of one's "being", AS a human. The corporeal associate function of the mind is the brain, which is controlled and supervised by the mind. Brain is interior of the human body, while the mind is both interior (of the brain and spinal cord) and exterior of the body.
The individual local mind has two parts: The lower local mind, or self, which interfaces with the brain, and the upper local mind, or Self/Soul, which interfaces with and accesses those ground-states of consciousness beyond itSelf. The upper and lower portions of local mind interface with each other, providing the mental functioning and processing of and for the human body. However, all such interface functions/processes are "filtered"/screened by and through the extant "barrier" of the Veil of Separation, which separates upper and lower local mind and affects/distorts most all of its functions and processes.
The basic constituent element (NOT physical "element", as per classical physics definition, but QUFD "element", meaning merely "part of") of local mind is consciousness/spirit, which itself consists of quantum axion particles, the basic unit of cosmological consciousness and of any sentience anywhere. The consciousness-spirit of both upper and lower local mind is primarily positive (UNLESS the human entity is a being of negative consciousness in the first place), with quantum axion particles of positive half-integer spin. The separation barrier between upper and lower local mind, the Veil of Separation, consists of quantum axion particles of negative half-integer spin (together, such positive and negative half-integer spin particles comprising composite bosonic pairs, ala Cooper Pairs, per standard quantum theory, and thusly, as bosonic particles, forming the Bose-Einstein condensate-field of the entire quantum energy field), and intrudes into the local mind from the surrounding negative consciousness-field of the Luciferian Complex, which surrounds the entire ground-state condensate-field of the individual local mind.
The local mind, in its entirety, is a ground-state condensate-field of the quantum forces, with "connections" to those associative other ground-states which entail and support its operation, such as "family" (familial ground-states), "tribe", "group", "race", and that basic ground-state of consciousness, responsible for the infusion of the life-giving "spirit" that does sustain that local mind in the first place - Infinite Consciousness. All such "connections" are ephemeral and may change over the linear temporality of the associated physical body-entity (more so subject to change) OR the non-linear intemporality of the local mind's interface with other dimensionalities of consciousness (less so subject to change, but certainly possible).
Additionally, the local mind ground-state may, of its own (self-ordering) "free-will", access or interface with any other ground-state of consciousness (NOT associated therewith), of any life-form or dimensional temporality (temporality exists IN the actuality of the immediacy of the access, however the effecting operation of such is due to the quantum INtemporality of the basic QUFD condensate-field of consciousness, as a function OF the unitary zero-gravity nature of the quantum forces within such field itself), and such interfacing with another or other ground-states may or may not "change" the self-ordered nature of the ground-state of the local mind, depending on the strength of the free-will of the local mind and the "intentions" thereof.
Such extended local mind functionality as hereinabove described pertains only to such local minds which have achieved maturity of mind. If the Veil of Separation is yet extant (immaturity of mind), such functionality as described does not exist.

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