Words/Phrases DEFINED: "knowledge". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

Words/Phrases DEFINED: "knowledge". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

A Definition/Description of the keyword/phrase "knowledge", as used in the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

The keyword/phrase "knowledge" relates to, and is part of, the classification(s) listed below, as used in the text or auxiliary documents of the QUFd website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

Holothetic communications
human evolution
philosophy of mind
quantum consciousness
theology of reality
Veil of Separation
Veil of Unknowing
whole person

The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
The term refers to that real KNOWING - knowledge, wisdom, etc. - which is available to one with an actively mature mind. Such knowledge includes access to the Hall of Records (see the listing "historical records of humanity"), IF one is an OA/OWB member and obtains permission to do so, OR, if one is NOT an OA/OWB member, the actual instantaneous event/history/experience itself CAN be accessed IN the Collective BY accessing that dimension WHEN the event, etc. did occur, AT that instant of linear time (IN that dimension) of its occurrence. Of course, such an access is usually a most extensive process attemptible ONLY by those "voyagers" of exceptional ability, as to such inter-dimensional travel. Although such "travel" is available (possible) to and by All individuals of mature mind, yet such an endeavor DOES require experience in doing so and is NOT easily available to all. Such is the reason that the Hall of Records does exist, wherein the instantaneous "happenings" of humanity are instantly "recorded" (by Universal consciousness) for posterity.
Incidentally, Carl Jung and Dr. Singer (see listings for "Jung" and "Dr. June Singer") obviously were referring to the actual dimensional experience (of the Collective) when they individually wrote about such "demons" and "saints" as were to be found in the Collective, although they may have actually just culled that KNOWING from their access to the Hall of Records. Regardless of which it was (and I am not about to waste my time actually determining the fact of the instantaneous reality, which IS available in the Hall of Records), the fact is that there ARE demons, saints, horrors, wonders and much more, all available in the Collective, TO anyone who is willing to "stretch" their maturity of mind (their Self/Soul) TO access that which one does so need to access. And such information DOES include the wisdom of the ages, the entire knowledge of mankind (of ANY time and dimension), the technological and scientific wonders of ANY and ALL human civilizations (of ANY place or time IN THE COSMOS - even BEYOND our present Universe!) AND MUCH MORE! All that is needed is a mature human mind and the WILL to undertake such explorations/investigations, etc., as one was BORN to do and to BE! Because THAT is what human LIFE is all about: BEING, and doing, what one was born to "be" and to do. Such is what is called KNOWING Who and What one "is". See the previous listing for "KNOWING Who and What".

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