Words/Phrases DEFINED: "Infinite Consciousness (God)". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

Words/Phrases DEFINED: "Infinite Consciousness (God)". Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS used in his QUFD website.

A Definition/Description of the keyword/phrase "Infinite Consciousness (God)", as used in the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.
Infinite Consciousness (God)

The keyword/phrase "Infinite Consciousness (God)" relates to, and is part of, the classification(s) listed below, as used in the text or auxiliary documents of the QUFD website and in Father Jerome's scientific writings.

human evolution
Infinite Consciousness
philosophy of mind
quantum physics
quantum consciousness
Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics
theology of reality
theoretical physics
Veil of Separation
Veil of Unknowing
whole person

The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
The term refers to God, in all His/Her Infinity, the QUFD basic ground-state/field of universal and cosmic Infinite Consciousness, which has "created" All That Is in the Cosmos. Infinite Consciousness also contains what is, in religious terminology, known as "Heaven", which is where all positive Souls (of any Life-form entity) return when their individual corporeality has been terminated, merging back with the Infinite Consciousness ground-state until a reason for a new self-ordered individual existence creates a perturbation of that basic ground-state, resulting in the creation (birth) of the new individual ground-state (to and in the ground-states of its familial dimension).
It is also to be noted that Infinite Consciousness was also the source of the polar opposite ground-state/field of negative dimensionality, or the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality known commonly as "Hell", to which negative individuals are returned upon their corporeal termination.
The Luciferian Complex is also "returnable" TO that basic ground-state of Infinite Consciousness, but such an event requires the exercising of the "wills" of ALL ground-states of consciousness (a form of participatorily democratic "voting"), voting for "positivity", in order to "eliminate" such ground-state of negativity. The occurrence of such an event would, of course, re-polarize the basic ground-state particles (the quantum axion particles thereof) individually equal or zero. Currently, quantum axion particles are individually bosonic or fermionic, thusly constituting the present polar dualities, positive consciousness and negative consciousness, in relative balance. Should the noted change occur (through votive self-ordering of the aggregate ground-states), the aggregate condensate-field of quantum axion particles would change their integer-spins to enable a combined bosonic-fermionic particle, a new cosmic entity of absolute unity and balance, which, as to the resulting corporeal and incorporeal individual Life-forms and dimensions, would enable, or bring on, such a new basic ground-state dimensionality of Infinite Consciousness as might be called "Pax Cosmic" (or some such term), meaning a "Golden Age" of balance, peace, happiness, etc. (however such may be defined). Of course, as previously noted, such an instance requires the "wills" of all participants to effect such a change, which is what Infinite Consciousness does desire for all of His/Her "children", in and of their "creation" in the first place.

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