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Serving the people with Ska since August 97'

Before going on, I would like to say that Skadelious has almost made it through the one year mark! I was just so excited when I remembered! Thanks for visiting, and the support. Keep on skankin'!

***LISEN UP!!***

There are a couple of things you should know to enjoy and understand this page:

  • You should know what ska is
  • You must enjoy ska...to some that is asking alot, hard to believe huh?
  • You should know what a Rude Boy is.
  • You must know that ska is the best music around! To dance to, To lisen to, to do anything to
  • RIGHT NOW you should be lisening to Ska music, and skankin' you booty off!!
  • One last thing is that you need to know how to have a good time!

    Last updated: 4/5/99

    Are you bummed out because you don't know anything about this ska talk?? Do you feel left out?? Well just CLICK HERE. This will take you to the FAQ page on that darn music called Ska. It gives you info on everything there is to know about ska. From the history of ska to a list of new skadelious bands. So what are you waiting for??

    Just choose what part of this skankin' page to go to next.
    Please Enjoy!

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    Web Rings & ect.

    This page is totally anti-racist.


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