Facts and Opinions on Ska


Well here you are getting some skafacts for ME. What has this world come to? I just got a little information just so you can be more educated on ska. I'm not an expert, so don't take everything I say totally serious! Just kiddin'. So let's get started.

What is ska?

Here's a rough outline of ska:
Ska is a form of up-beat, danceable reggae, or in other words Jamaican Dance Music. It orginated for Jamaica many years ago. People began to lisen, and have interests in ska in about the early 60's. The word ska actually comes from the way a guitar sounds.

Ska has been around forever, and it defiantly not a new type of music. It has just recently become popular in the U.S and is still growing. It was pretty popular in the 80's in the U.K., and has always been popular in Jamaica.

There are 3 waves of ska music. The 1st wave was the Jamaican ska. The 2nd was the "2tone era" which took place mostly in the U.K. It was very popular in the 80's. Bands like "Madness", "The Specials", and "The selector" were part of this wave that never seemed to reach the U.S. The 3rd wave of ska is taking place now! This time ska has seemed to jump into the U.S. It's the new ska bands, and some of them are playing the 1st and 2nd wave ska sounds.

I'm still updating this page..so come back for some more skafacts soon!!!

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