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Here is where you will find a couple KoroBrown games. Hopefully the links will work, but they seem to be more cooperative in Netscape than Microsoft Internet Explorer

These games all require Windows 3.1 or higher, and a 386 with 4 megs of RAM, but we recommend using a 486/66mhz and a soundcard, unless otherwise stated.

Choppy The Pork Chop: 405KB

This is one of the earlier games that we have made. It was on the March 1996 issue of Gamehead from Pacific High-Tech You are a porkchop who must defend himself from evil hamburgers, mops, and chattery teeth. There is one sound effect that makes it sound like Ian has a lisp. Click here for more info on Choppy!

Cheese In Space: 562 KB

This is another game that we made about a week after Choppy the Porkchop. It was also be on the March issue of Gamehead from Pacific High-Tech. You have to control a little targeting thing with your mouse, and shoot all the cheese and other foods. Click here for more info on Cheese In Space!

KoroBrown Image Viewer

Description: This is an Image viewer that shows how to open and view images and how to print them on the printer. Download the uncompiled one if you have Visual Basic 5.0 to see how it works.

Uncompiled Filename:

Compiled Filename:

Requirements: Visual Basic 5.0 (For the uncompiled one only) and Windows 95

T.V. Man: 843kb

Yes!! It's here! KoroBrown's very first game is now available to download!! In it you are a walking T.V. with eyes who's best friends have been kidnapped by robbers. So it's up to you to rescue your little buddies before they are pawned!! Click here for more info on T.V. Man!

Choppy the Porkchop 2!!(1.34 mb)

That's right, everyone's favourite little porkchop is back in this addictive sequel! Click here for more info on Choppy 2!

South Park: Avenging Kenny's Death!(1.33mb)

KoroBrown's latest title! South Park: Avenging Kenny's Death is of course based on Comedy Central's extremely popular show. It mixes a variety of side scrolling, over head and "Bash The Cartman". Click here to go to it's official website!

Fowl: A simple scripting language(4.1mb)

Ian wrote for his computer class. Look in the help menu of it for more information. Eventually we hope it will become and exciting way to make your own games. Enjoy!

Requires: Windows 95