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Choppy the Porkchop

Choppy the Porkchop

The object of this game is to escape the evil clutched of the hamburger, chattering teeth and mops. To do this you must use your wit, reflexes and three different weapons.

How to play: To kill the teeth, press the CRTL button, which will fire ketchup. To kill the mops, press CRTL + SHIFT to fire pellets. And finally, to kill the hamburgers, press SHIFT to fire frying pans. Use the ketchup to kill the final boss, and always watch out for falling power-ups!

Click here to see a screen shot of Choppy the Porkchop.

Click here to download Choppy the Porkchop. (Approx. 400k).

System requirements: 386, 4 Megs of RAM.

Recommended: 486, Souncard.