How to Best Use Our Site

The Stick!

If you've found us via a search engine or by typing in "," you'll see our logo in red, as well as a drumstick below the photo gallery. Do you use Internet Explorer as your browser? If so, click on the logo to enter the site. If you use Netscape, you'll want to 'click on the stick' (thanks Chris!), because we've heard some NS users have trouble with the Javascript on the site. If you think your browser can handle anything, we suggest clicking on the logo.

Take a little tour first to make sure you understand what we're about before you join. Check the About the NOFC page; our statement about what we do (and don't) do; the FAQs page, and of course feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Check the homepage for site updates. The Site Update page will direct you to anything new.