About the NOFC

A Brief History
The Nigel Olsson Fan Club/website was launched in March 1998 by then-college student Lisa Ann Nespoli. Noreen Romano, a Nigel fan from way back (and the person who knows more about Nigel than he does, according to him), found Lisa Ann through the miracle of the Internet and was asked to come on board in an advisory capacity in April of that year. In May, Mark & Kim, next-door neighbours of Nigel's best friend Cris, discovered the 'beginner' website and chat room and informed Nigel & Schanda of the club's existence. A dialog ensued, and we "went official" in July 2000; Nigel bestowed his newly minted domain name on us in August 2003. We have been listed in Elton tourbooks, and various articles about Nigel both online and in print. (Not to mention being namechecked on a race car!)

Beginning in January 2000 (when the Olssons went online, and Noreen became the recipient of Nigel's very first email, which did NOT detonate after 30 seconds), all the news we have posted has come directly from Nigel and Schanda, so this is your source for OFFICIAL and exclusive information!

Regarding Elton's tour schedule: Please go right to EltonJohn.com. We do not include the official schedule on our site so we can free up space for our own material.

We'd like to thank:
Razor Face, for his enthusiasm, advice, scans, troubleshooting and tech support. The original website would not have existed without him.
Mark & Kim, for finding us and convincing us they were for real.
Nigel, Schanda, & Justin Olsson, for their friendship, faith, enthusiasm, and never-ending support.
Nigel's family and friends here in America and in England, who have taken us to their hearts (especially Kai & Mary Olsson, and Kevin Glasby).
The various Elton John websites and publications who link to us and have sent hundreds of fans our way.
And last but not least, our wonderful members, who make it all worthwhile!