Before You Email Us, Please Read This!

Before you email us with a request, we ask that you take a moment to read this page
in order to better understand what we are and are not able to do for you.

We can:

1) Send you an autographed (not personalised) 8 X 10 photo of Nigel if you join the fan club and include your full mailing address on your application;
be aware, however, that we have a long waiting list
2) Forward an email to Nigel for you (but we do not promise that he will reply)
3) Do our best to answer your questions about Nigel's musical output & career, equipment, etc.

We can't:

1) Get you tickets and/or backstage passes to Elton John concerts
2) Arrange personal meetings with Nigel
3) Send you autographed drumheads or other used equipment
4) Pass along messages to Elton, Bernie Taupin, or anyone else in the Elton John Band
5) Check to see if something you had delivered to Nigel at a concert actually got to him (most likely it didn't, due to most venues having stringent security)
6) Forward demos to Nigel (or Elton) to get his opinion.

Thank you for understanding our position!