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Mike's Chrysler Fifth Avenue Page

The First Fifth Avenue Site On The Web

Welcome to my Fifth Avenue page. The Fifth Avenue was Chrysler's last rearwheel drive car. It was produced from 1983-1989, althought the 1982 New Yorker was also the same car. The 5th Ave came standard with a small block 318 V8 engine and a 3 speed torque flite automatic transmission. It also came with airconditioning, power windows and locks, power driver seat, power trunk, and leather wraped tilt steering wheel. It came with optional Power antenna, and passenger seat, and had an option of velour or leather interior, with or without wood trim.

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5th Ave and other M-body SpecsIncludes specs on engines, performance, and body dimensions, etc...
VIN infoDecode your VIN number and fender ID tag. For all 1977-1989 RWD Chrysler's.
Rust info
Service & Upgrades
ProductionHow many of your year were made? Find out here!
Magazine/Paper articles and sales brochures about m-body Chryslers
The Fifth Avenue Family Photo Album
5th Ave and M-body historyWant to know how it all started, what changes were made over the years, find out here!
Registry Add your car to the 5th Ave/Diplomat/GranFury/Caravelle registry (out of service)
The Used Car Lot
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Chrysler M-Body ForumPost questions & answers, Chat with other m-body fans.
My 5th Avepics and info about my '84 and '88 5th Avenues.
1979 Plymouth CaravelleThe car that my 360, and other various parts came out of.
M-bodies on filmmovies and TV shows with the Fifth Avenue and its siblings.
Chrysler 5th Ave related links
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This site was created on Feb. 10, 1998 and is still growing. Come back soon and see what's new.

My 1984 Fifth Ave

If you have any pics, stories or info about Fifth Ave's, or comments about this page send them my way.

Updated on June 7, 2015

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