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The Chrysler Fifth Avenue lived from 1982 to 1989, when it was transformed to a Dynasty style body. These pages contain production info for the Fifth Avenue aswell as other M-bodies.

Chrysler Production Figures
Plymouth Production Figures
Dodge Production Figures

Chrysler m-body cars

Chrysler had several different models during the 70's and 80's that shared the same body. They are:
Dodge Diplomat(1977-1989)
Plymouth Gran Fury(1982-1989)
Plymouth Caravelle(1977-1989)(Canadian version of the Gran Fury)
Chrysler LeBaron(1977-1981)
Chrysler New Yorker(1982-1983)
Chrysler 5th Ave(1984-1989)
Out of these models, the New Yorker and 5th Ave were the only ones to have a landau roof.

Farley, the 1979 Dodge Diplomat.
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