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Rust and your M-body

Surface Rust

The following areas are most common for surface rust on your m-body.
  • door bottoms
  • front of trunk lid
  • bottom of rear quarter panel
  • bottom of front fenders behind wheel


    The next time you check the air pressure in your front tires, check for rust! There is a lip where the floor pan meets the fire-wall which can trap water, snow and salt and create a hole. If this hole is not patched, the water can soak your under carpeting, and cause your entire floor to rust out. If you feel at a soft spot, you are probably shoving your finger into the hole and pushing on the carpeting!
    The driver side has a different problem. Even if you don't think you have rust, pull back the plastic wheel skirt behind the front wheel. You should see a spot with the top of the rocker panel and the side of the floor. This is also an area that is rust prone.

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