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A mini lop & mini rex     kids birthday party      Older children with a sweatshirt on can hold a bunny with supervision

Bunny Central, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

We offer bunny birthday parties and events to kids of ALL ages (adults birthdays are FUN!) in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also do enrichment programs at local schools and preschools where the kids can learn about rabbits. Adult personal parties and business workday "Happy Day" in SF business is popular. Remember; Sleep overs, sleep unders, after school (Fri or short days) events are good times for scheduling too. Rabbits are our hobby and our passion. We love to share about bunnies!

Feeding an angora rabbit  Lindsey leading the birthday girl - with supervision   Showing baby bunnies   grooming an angora

I bring bunnies to your child's (adult) birthday party, office or school. See pictures and videos below. We do parties for all ages from one-year-old to adults. Parties include show & tell: petting, feeding and viewing several breeds of bunnies (and some teenager, if avail.). We also do informational classes on rabbit care for teens & adults. Note: Parties for one-year-old kids are REALLY for the parents and older children not the one-year old. ;-)

Img: rabbit boarding - indoor, rabbit boarding at Bunny Central

We bring tarps, sheets and corrals for the kids and bunnies to play on. The bunnies actually run amongst seated kids as they are petted and (if hungry) fed. Parties can be indoors or out. We need about a 10 x 10' space area (but shape can vary) to set up. Warm days over 80 degrees must be indoors for the safety of the rabbits.

We live in the East Bay Area and can travel to your home in the Greater Bay Area. Information is age appropriate. We teach lessons on rabbit care if the kids are older. Little kids just pet, feed. If the bunnies are hungry, kids/adults feed the bunnies hay and bunny treats. We let the birthday child hold a bunny or two for a "photo op" (bring your cameras). Everything is done with safety of kids and bunnies in mind. We love showing people how fun rabbits can be, and then how quiet they can be.

Img: rabbit petting zoo event

Note: Dear rabbit rescue people; please do not be concerned. Our bunnies were raised here and enjoy being handled, as they were handled since birth. You love bunnies, I love bunnies too. This is the perfect opportunity for children to learn something about them in a structured, safe way. It also has the opportunity of children being able to have the bunny experience without necessarily adopting one. This is a win-win experience.

I have English angora, mini lop and dwarf hotot rabbits that I raise for show. I bring about 10 - 12 rabbits of all sizes, colors and usually four very different breeds. Mini lops are a medium sized rabbit with floppy ears, English angoras are long haired rabbits that produce wool for yarn, mini rex's area short-haired velvety rabbit with up ears) and the dwarf hotot is a dwarf rabbit that is white with black eye circles. If we have bunny-sit (boarding) bunnies - sometimes we bring them with us too, (with permission of course). The kids often play w/ leached bunnies or watch me set up while the latecomers arrive. Img: Birthday Boy holding rabbit

When we get started, leashed bunnies can play with the kids while we set up the pens. Later, I have the kids sit outside the bunny fences and I give them an introduction to each bunny and safety tips. As I introduce the rabbits and bunnies I set them down to run around in the pen. The kids are fascinated (parents too!)

There are one or two fenced circles that will hold the rabbits and bunnies: Children can pet the rabbits inside the circle. Later big bunnies and kids will be in the pen for petting and feeding. I need a minimum 10 x 10 area for 10 -12 kids, my actual set up can be as large as 10 x 15 ft. or more with more sheets. Large numbers of kids may have to come in in two sets and that takes more time. We have done it in a small Berkeley living room with parents legs dangling from couches so smaller can be done too :-).

After the introduction, the kids sit inside the pen and bigger rabbits will walk around the kids for them to pet. Sometimes (when available) we bring teenage babies and they are in a small transport cage or basket for the kids to see youngsters. Note: I need parent help supervising the kids when they are very young to protect the rabbits from being grabbed and to make sure they do not try to pick up the rabbits. Then, I bring out the feed and the kids can feed the bunnies - they love this! Parents take pictures of the Birthday child/siblings and everyone has a good time. Older kids (and parents) ask questions. Older kids actually can have a class about rabbits. Most younger ones just want to interact the petting zoo. See pictures and videos below. Img: Birthday girl holding rabbit at rabbit petting zoo event

At one party, the Mom wanted to do some spinning of the Angora hair, I taught the parents about angora grooming and the mom did some spinning.

Pricing example:   Price: Including entertainer or two: Base rate $180 (VERY local to me). Longer travel travel costs more. Example: I am in West Concord; VERY local = $180; 11- to 30 minutes away: total = $205; 31 - 45 minutes total = $240; 46 - 60 minutes total = $270; 1hr to 1 hr & 14 min total = $300; etc.(Each additional 1-15 min segment of travel time is $30 more.) We use minutes because traffic effects time more than distance. If we cross a bridge add $5 for toll. Downtown parking fees addl. Services assumes one hour & 50 min. at your home; (20 min. set up, party - 45 min to one hour], and 20/30 min. take down time). Additional time at the event is $30 - 45 hr. - if you want me to stay for a longer event or handle a very large group.

Other Ideas

1) Barn Tour: If you bring the kids/ adult to my house for a tour - personal class, my time can be as short as 1 hour (Hello to goodbye) for $50. Setting up a pen for a short walking/pen visit for a family or couple $75 an hour. (& laundry!)

2) Tea Party: Hold a Tea Party and I can be the guest entertainment bringing a few bunnies on leashes and other animals. I can read bunny stories to the kids during or after tea. I can be in costume or not for this.

3) Fairy Godmother of Animals: As guest entertainer for a themed party I can come in costume with assorted animals, bunnies, birds and a chicken. Our latest incarnation of this idea is in conjunction with a Snow White party.

4) Bunny Petting Zoo: I bring bunnies of all ages, (baby chicks - if available) to your event. Add $100 to the bunny event, as I have to "borrow & wrangler poulty/ turtles, birds" for the event. This may not be available if animal laws and available change. (Need to investigate rules monthly)

5) Sleep overs, sleep unders, after school (Fri or short days) events are good times for scheduling too. Kids are often less intimidated by fuzzy bunnies than larger petting zoo animals ... a good "starter" petting zoo for kids (and easier to have inside a home ;-)

Kids and your adult guests love this event, we get raves from the people who have had us over - "Very original, educational and fun" they say. "Georgia was so good with all the kids of all ages: it is amazing how she held their attention and kept all safe and entertained."

Call Georgia Williams, Head Bunny Wrangler" Bunny Central, at 925-680-4770 (home number), email: so we can customize a party for your child. Please call after 8:30 a.m. and before 9 p.m., Pacific time. As we grow we are adding trained, wonderful "Bunny Wranglers" to entertain your family or business. (I "gottta" have some time off sometimes - :-).

Event Pictures

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Kids Birthday Party

kids birthday party and petting zoo   kids birthday party and petting zoo   kids birthday party and petting zoo     Birthday party and petting zoo - outside

Depending on the age of the birthday child and their guests, the activities range from petting many different kinds of bunnies, feeding them bunny snacks and answering simple questions that the kids ask. Little children are not allowed to pick the bunnies up. The birthday child can carefully hold a bunny if they're wearing a sweatshirt or jacket. The birthday child may follow a leash-trained around as she explores your house or yard.

Party and Event Videos at: YouTube logo

To see the videos on this page: Get Adobe flash player at: and please come back!

Children's preschool educational school event, part 1: Preschool Event, Part 1: 5 min. 16 sec.  Children's preschool educational school event and petting zoo, part 2: Preschool Event, Part 1: 2 min. 8 sec.

Children's birthday party: video Birthday Party 8 - 10 yrs: 1 min. 40 sec.     Birthday Party Petting Zoo: video Birthday Party 7 - 8 yrs: 1 min. 40 sec.

Birthday Party Petting Zoo: video Birthday Party 4 - 8 year old: 57 sec.     Birthday Party Petting Zoo: video Personal Party at Bunny Central's home: 2 min. 22 sec.

Personal Play party: video Stellas Bunny Party: A personal play party at Bunny Central for a special needs bunny lover: 2 min. 38 sec.

More Party Pictures

kids birthday party   kids birthday party   kids birthday party   kids birthday party  Birthday party - outside  Birthday party - outside

The design of the party is age appropriate and keeps the safety of the children and rabbits in mind. Bonus: If the kids like dogs we can bring our Boston Terrier; Wiki to the party too. She likes kids and bunnies.

Teen Birthday Party Pictures

teen birthday party Img: bunny helper - at Bunny Central

Once kids have come to the age where they would enjoy an education about rabbits we can cover all kinds of subjects. We can handle all ages of rabbits, look at different breeds and learn about rabbit husbandry. Kids over seven or eight have tons of questions that we am ready to discuss the answers to and demonstrate.

Personal Birthday Party

personal birthday party

When parents have decided that children are old enough to have their own bunny, or would like to learn about bunnies, we can hold a personal birthday party for your child. You're welcome to come to my home for the event or We can bring a selection of bunnies to your home for your personal party. Adoptions are available, however it is not necessary to adopt, the birthday child can simply enjoy the bunnies for the hour.

Want to "try out" owning a rabbit? You can use my Rent-a-Bunny services to see if adopting a rabbit would be a good match before adoption. With prior arrangement I can bring or have available a gentle older rabbit with cage, food and accessories to leave after the party for a one to two week period. The "Rent-a-bunny" rate is $50. Deposit: $100. "Renters" must return the rabbit etc. to my home after the rental period. This service is only available to families that are having a party as time is needed during or after the party to educate the child and family about rabbit care.

School Events

rabbit party preschool event Img: Petting time at preschool event

See the videos above for a preschool event I did at this really nice cooperative school in the S. F. Bay Area. I understand that teachers get a very small enrichment budget and that they often will sponsor a class/ classroom assembly or will ask parents to foot the bill for various enrichment programs. One school had a kindergarten event and each parent contributed $5 to $10 to have me come. If the parents for the school wishes, then I can come out to your school and put up to three classes as needed (in a row) to teach your kids about rabbits. This can be a good value for parents, since once I am on location, an additional hour is only a bit more. I did a birthday party at a Montessori school. That was exciting! Pictures are coming soon.

Recommendations from Berkeley Parents Network, Dec 2010

From - a happy host:
We recently had my daughter's 5th, and we had Georgia Williams -- the Bunny Lady come over for entertainment. The kids loved it. There was a magical hush over the group for 45 minutes while the bunny lady showed off the bunnies and talked about them. She brought about sixty of her super cute pets, in cages, and set up a sort of corral. The kids got to be in the corral with the bunnies hopping around. They got to stroke and feed the bunnies. It was amazing! Here is her contact info and website: Phone: 925-680-4770

Clarification from - Georgia W: Thank you to the 'recommend-er'(above) who recommended Bunny Central's bunny petting zoos. One small clarification however. I do bring lots of rabbits and bunnies, 4 breeds, many ages and colors but NOT 60! I bring between 12 and 18 (plus babies) when I have them available. People are amazed I bring that many ;-) Parties are good for all ages, schools and corporate events too. Thanks for thinking of me. Signed: Georgia W

From - Steve: Recently our daughter had her 4th birthday and we invited the Bunny Lady to her party. It was such an amazing time. We had what must have been over 30 bunnies arrive and hang out in our yard. Georgia set up a pen and gently guided the children on the proper ways to pet or hold or feed the bunnies. It was a very magical time and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Signed: a bunny lady fan

Special Events

make-a-wish day for Anthony - Video

Anthonys Wish Day: Video: 2o seconds

Occasionally I can do a special event for a special community member. In this case Anthony loves rabbits and wanted to visit with some on his special "Wish Day". His helpers, from a local group home, brought Anthony to my house to commune with our bunnies. He and his group home gave me permission to share his precious video. Note: I wanted to share this but really cannot do this very often, so please do not consider this an open invitation to do community events or I'll have to be mean and say " AGGGHHH, I do not have time!" Maybe I can do one quarterly. Just don't ask me lightly. For individuals and most organizations I have the paid services, above, that I offer to try to carve out a little living sharing something I love.


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Bunny Central is a small rabbitry run by Georgia & Lenny Williams, as well as our partner Cori. Cori, from Buckskin Bunny Cooperative Rabbitry (based in Salinas) can do parties in her area (She has a different assortment of rabbits. We have an unusual 1/2 acre in the middle of a city in the San Francisco East Bay, California. Our bunnies are raised in large cages and are handled since birth. We use "earth friendly" methods such as composting, raising earthworms under the cages and wash down trays resulting in one of the cleanest rabbitries in the area.
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