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Bunny Central's helpers and some kid adopters

Handled Since Birth

  feeding time - three rabbits
boy bolding his rabbit            Our bunnies are handled since birth

Bunny Central, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Our bunnies are handled since birth. The old wives tale which tells that a mama rabbit will hurt her young is handled by humans is simply not true. That may be true in the wild, but not here. We look for and count our babies as soon as we discover them. This gives them a health check and keeps progress on how well each baby is feeding. It also never gets old see our new babies!

Jen has her hands full of teenage rabbits  The neighborhood boys holding rabbits   Gracie helping tatoo a rabbit   Daisy holding an angora   Francisco (Pancho) holding Lindsey   Paloma holding her dwarf hotot bunnies   Bennett family helping at the Alameda County Fair show   Sara and Hopalong by professional photographer Wanda Worthington of Worthington Photography, Castro Valley, CA

Many of our adopters and several neighborhood kids play with our rabbits. Some help at shows and some are partners, raising bunnies to show and for pets. Almost every day our neighborhood kids come over, feed the rabbits then choose some bunnies to hold. This makes for very tame bunnies at adoption time. I love it, they love it, the bunnies enjoy it. Everybody's happy.

Img: rabbit boarding - indoor, rabbit boarding at Bunny Central Img: rabbit cooling off at Bunny Central

Some people think that kids should not have a rabbit. I believe with proper training and supervision that a rabbit can make a great pet. They are clean, fun and friendly. Kids need to learn and be reminded how to pick up and place the rabbit down properly. (See my videos for examples). Children should be supervised and their care for the rabbit monitored. A house rabbit will have more interaction with the family than a yard rabbit. Rabbits are very social animals, before you adopt be sure your family will spend a lot of time with the rabbit you choose. Learn about rabbits from the House Rabbit Society's Web page at Yard rabbits can get neglected after a time so house bunnies are usually more happy than those left alone.

Note: Dear rabbit rescue people; please do not be concerned. Our bunnies were raised here and enjoy being handled, as they were handled since birth. You love bunnies, I love bunnies too. This is the perfect opportunity for children to learn something about them in a structured, safe way. It also has the opportunity of children being able to have the bunny experience without necessarily adopting one. This is a win-win experience.

We also give birthday parties and events so kids can meet rabbits with a bunny petting zoo or educational experience in a healthy and safe way. See my Birthday Parties and Events link on the top left links.

Girls at a birthday party holding dwarf hotot bunnies  Helping at a rabbit show   Playing with baby bunnies in a yard cage   Kids at a Masons Easter event playing with rabbits

    Girl with rabbit on a leash   More neighborhood kids   White Angora rabbit   Mom and girls holding baby mini rex bunnies Mom and girls holding baby mini rex bunnies

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Lenny & Georgia with Mini Lop (left) and English Angora Rabbit (right)
Bunny Central is a small rabbitry run by Georgia & Lenny Williams, as well as our partners Cori and Danny. We have an unusual 1/2 acre in the middle of a city in the San Francisco East Bay, California. Our bunnies are raised in large cages and are handled since birth. We use "earth friendly" methods such as composting, raising earthworms under the cages and wash down trays resulting in one of the cleanest rabbitries in the area.

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