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Monkee Television Home Links


Please bear with me, I am attempting to catalogue and rate every Monkees site out there. Forgive my humble beginnings. See below for the Key to Symbols and the Ratings Guide.

If you would like to see your link on my page before I find you, please e-mail me with your:
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Quickly, before the real links begin, there is a very good site I stumbled upon, which has some interesting thoughts on the Monkees as well as other 60's groups, including the Beach Boys, the Byrds, the Beatles and others!
Music to My Eras

Key to Symbols
= Creative content = Movies (.avi or .mov)
= Games = Chat Room
= Fan Art or Fan Fic = Information
= Sounds (.wavs, .mp3, etc.) = Late Breaking News
= Classic Articles = Biographies
= Pictures
Rating Guide
= Marvellous!
= Very Good!
= Good
= Okay
= Needs Work

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Aimee's Shades of Monkees

Lots (and lots!) of fanfic (some rather racy ones too!) and a great photo gallery. Also has a cool "This Month in Monkees History" calendar.

Auntie Grizelda's Monkees Page

Lots of pictures -- also has rare Monkees vids for sale.


I really like this site. There is a trivia quiz, a magic locket, Monkeely things to do and much more!

Barrelful of Monkees

Tour dates, a trivia quiz, tons of great pictures and lots of fanfic. An ambitious site!

Brit & Wondergirl's "Monkees is ze craziest peoples" Page

Very good site with Virtual Monkee Postcards, a puzzle, a song test, and fan ART!

Can You Dig It?

Good site with lots of info on "Head", a Monkees colouring book, and fan art!


Good pictures from the show and now a game!

The Offical Monkees Homepage

Lots of high quality pictures, the latest news and information.